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Thursday, June 7, 2012

why did i forget????

Holy shitballs.


My youngest is going to have an end of the school year party.

I made cupcakes.

I thought they were pretty, all brown and pink and swirly.

Never said I was Cake Boss, but I like them.

I post a picture.

This picture:

Everyone was saying things like, "Look so good!" and "Food Porn!"

Nice right?  Except for one thing...

I forgot to make it "Friends except acquaintances" viewer friendly.

You got it.  Mr. HLAM commented.

His comment?

"My ice cream cone cupcakes are prettier."

Pompous motherfucking douchebag being, pubic hair chin wearing toilet dwelling shit licking fart sucker!

I went back and rectified it.



Anyhoo, here is to a fun party for my girl.

Peace, Love and (i'm feeling a defriend in the air) Zombies \IiiI

Update: I blocked the bastard.  No more Senor HLAM!!


bingsy said...

I noticed that he was still commenting and concluded that you were forgetting to use your filter.
That'll learn ya. Just kidding. The cupcakes look beautiful and yummy.

Lin said...

Those look delicious!

Roe said...

Screw that douche, your cupcakes look amazing..

Magaly Guerrero said...

I hope you stuck a virtual cupcake up his, um... ear.

What a douche. His ice cream cone cupcakes probably tasted like rotten butt and looked like poo. Yes, I can be childish, too. What a tool.

Do teleport one of your yummy cupcakes my way ;-)