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Monday, June 11, 2012

no water in joyville

No, this isn't in homage of "The Ring". 

It is the echoing sound that happens...

when your well...



Not a metaphorical well.  The real freaking deal. 


How else would you like to start the summer, having three kids and all their friends over, food to cook, laundry to wash, dishes to do, so on so forth?

In this case, there is no laundry, no dishes (except when I warm up two inches of water from a jug purchased from Kmart), and I, the lady who loves to cook, doesn't even want to make a PB&J, because it will dirty up a knife.

We are talking a price tag to fix this damned thing somewhere between $1500 and $5000...and that is being conservative.

Right now, that trip to Disney and all the money spent just pisses me off.

Well.  Motherfucking well.  I hate being on a well.  HATE. IT.  The water smells like rotten eggs, they go dry, they are just a huge pain in the ass.

Wells are for frontiersmen and the Amish...not me.

So, here is hoping that we get this figured out and fixed without it being too painful financially. Pfft...whatever.

Hey, at least I won't have Billy, aka Mr. HLAM, letting me know that I am being a baby not having water, then regaling me with the tales of when he went without water for 400 days and nights while saving baby pygmies from their alien overlords all while starving to death hanging  upside down from the entrails of dead ferrets.

You know he would.  The fucker.

On a different note, I will be having a phone interview soon for a job. A real big people job.  Can't go into detail yet, but cross your fingers for me if you would please :).  Not only for the job, but also for my desire to vomit due to my nervousness.

There it is.

Peace, Love and (come on, samara, i'ma waitin' fer ya!) Zombies \IiiI


Martina said...

Good luck with the phone interview AND the well. My father has a well and the same thing happened to him a few years ago, so I know what a pain in the wallet they are.

bingsy said...

Good luck! You got the interview. If you don't get the job it will only be because it wasn't meant to be, because you rock!!!!

nitebyrd said...

Best of luck with the interview! And my deepest sympathies about the well.

Magaly Guerrero said...

My water came from a well when I lived in Illinois. It was great for my hair, but I wasn't crazy about the taste or the smell.

I hope you get your water back soon. Most people don't know how freaking terrible it is to be without water, but I totally understand the degree of suckage.

I'm sure Mr. HLAM has had to squeeze water out of his nuts to wet the lips of The Greater Good. That's the reason why he has to make so much noise nowadays, he wants to keep people from noticing the shriveling.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the binding of your desire to vomit and for the interview going super well, too. Knock them dead, my Zombie Goddess!

Mina said...

Oh, I am so behind and by now I'm sure you have water back but, oh my freaking god! I always say if I had to choose between keeping my fresh water or electricity, I would always keep my water. I am so sorry you have to deal with that!