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Friday, June 15, 2012

coming together

Every one who knows me knows I love my tattoos.  Each has a story and a reason for being what they are.  They are my memory, my heart and my soul that no one can ever take away.  I have been feeling the pull to get my next.  This one is just for me.  I have the one for my mom, the one for my girls, the one for my husband and the one to protect me from people like the shitster.  It's my turn.

I have always wanted a talavera skull, seeing as I have always been influenced by the Hispanic culture I grew up in.  Something like this:

 But a skosh girlier, with more flowers, and a "915" representing my hometown.

My bestie put up a post the other day that I think is so far beyond perfect when it comes to a description of me.  I want this in a banner around the skull:

Truer words have never been spoken, especially when it comes to me.  Not sure, though, if I want the word "catastrophy" or "chaos" lol.  I think both fit.  What do y'all think?

So, there you go.  The next tattoo idea is coming together.  The one for my dad is to be done in El Paso, so I may be 90 before I ever get that one :(.

Here's to the next inking.

Peace, Love and (the tattoo fundraiser has now begun) Zombies \IiiI

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Mina said...

I love that tattoo and I like chaos rather than catastrophie. My daughter has several tattoos for the same reason. Each has a story to tell. She told me that when she has children and they ask about them, she will share with them all the meanings they represent. I thought that was such a unique and precious way to share yourself. I only have 1 and would like another but with lupus I have to be really careful about infection so I am a bit hesitant. You go girl!