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Thursday, May 31, 2012

in my humble opinion

Just my take on a couple of issues I had to watch this morning on the news because my hubs cannot live without the bad news box:

P. Diddy and his kid:  I don't give a shit if he *earned* the scholarship.  His father is a multi-multi-multi-millionaire.  He should give the money back to be given to some one who has a father who is working his ass off to provide for his family but cannot afford to send his children to college.  If he keeps it, he is a pompous little asshole.

NYC banning large sodas: Fuck you.  Fuck you and your fucking stupid laws.  If it is up to you, I won't be able to by a 20 oz. soda, BUT I will be still be allowed to buy a 12 gallon bottle of vodka.  Thank you for being concerned about my health you fucking dickweeds.

The military breastfeeding moms: GOOD FOR YOU!  You should not be attacked for what you are doing.  At least you have babies and not a college student like that other freak!

Insult award to 8 year old:  Was the award for "Most excuses used to not turn in math homework" funny?  Yes it was.  Funnier if it were given to a high schooler with a sense of humor. Is the mom who had no clue her daughter was suffering in math a dumbass and the teacher that never informed the mother in even the slightest way a bitch?  You better freaking believe it!

Young man mailing body parts to government buildings in Canada:  The secretary noticed the blood dripping from the package, but not the postman?  Ooookkkkaaayyy.

Okay, I guess that is it.  I had to get that stuff off my chest lol.

On a happy note, my middlest received honors awards last night at the middle school. Very very proud of her!!

Now, off to get some laundry done and maybe do some candle magick.  I need to recharge my completely dead batteries!

Peace, Love and (if they ban large sodas, will they ban breastfeeding from big boobs?  think about it) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

Uno - He should give it back. Now, let me use another HLAM moment to say that since I have a couple of scholarships and the Post 911 GI Bill, I've never used financial aid. People give me funny looks and say, "Why don't you take the money? You paid taxes. You fought in a freaking war! It's your right!" Well, just because you can doesn't mean you should. If I take that money (which thank the gods I don't need) then someone who can't go to school any other way won't be able to. I hope he gives it to someone who needs it.

Dos - What a load.

Tres - You fought so your boobs can have freedom; use them.

Cuatro - *blinking* that is... sad.

Cinco - Zombies. Freaking zombies.

Congrats to your girly. Have fun with the laundry and the magic. And if you are going outside take a machete with you. Zombies.

Kristin said...

Ooooh, you are totally cracking me up! LOVE the big boobs / large soda comment - you have a point there! AND congrats on your baby's honors!
THANK you too for posting the Summer of Color button - I am Really looking forward to your playing along - sounds like you are A LOT of fun, Kristin xo

Gina said...

AWESOME Post :D Way to rant Zombie Goddess :D Just came by to congratulate you on winning that fabulous charm bracelet from Magaly :D XXX

Linda Wildenstein said...

Congrats on winning the AlmaMia bracelet you lucky ducky you. Oma Linda