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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

learning new things

I finally did it.

I tooks what I could takes and I can't takes no more!

Mr. HLAM finally just pushed me over the edge.

We have to go to Honors Night tonight for the middlest . I am very proud of her, and I cannot wait to see her get her awards.  Problem is that it is held in the middle school gym.  Small  metal benches, no air flow, stinky pubescent kid scent, hours of watching kids get awards for everything known to man.  I am not all that geeked about all that nonsense.

Me, being the "share it all" girl I am, said, on FB:

I am looking forward to seeing Sisa get an award tonight at Honors Night, I don't really look forward to sitting around for hours watching every one else's kid get one. Just being honest.

Well, it is true.

Enter Mr. HLAM, who scolds me with, "Well, that isn't very nice."
I replied, "Yup, and I am okay with that."

HLAM: *smh*

My friend commented on the fact that it is truly an uncomfortable thing to be a part of, to which HLAM replies, "Boo Frickin Hoo".

Well, fuck met you.  I am tired of his oh so perfect ways. Perfect enough to be divorced and hated, but perfect in every other way, but I digress...  I went to his page, found that little place that tells you how you know each other and who can see what.  Well, he was listed under high school friends, like a hundred others who can see what I say.  I changed that bastard to "acquaintances", and then happily went to the post, changed it to "Friends except acquaintances" and deleted his fucking comments.

Love it.  

Oh, the power.

Am I not proud of all the other kids?  Of course I am!  Am I thrilled to the gills to sit there for 2 and a half hours?  Hells to the no.  Who would be?  Well, Mr. HLAM would be, but fuck him and his fucking awesomeness.

It is good to be the Goddess :).

Peace, Love and (suck it bitch!) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

Someone is crying his perfect little eyes out. But I'm sure he's okay with that ;-)

bingsy said...

Good call. Well played! He'll never know. He's only been annoying in the past. His comments today were hostile. For the record I agree with you and your friend, and even if I didn't I would definitely respect your right to an honest opinion - if the honest opinion didn't hurt anyone. I don't mind reframing a situation, but I don't think this was the type of post that merited much thinking save for "been there" and "ha ha." Right?

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Mags@ he is crying better than anyone else...just ask him!

Bingsy@ I wasn't being mean at all. I am very proud of every child who gets an award. But that room is not conducive to seating enjoyment for long periods of time and I said something lol. He is just a gigantic jerk. We all need one in our lives, right? Well, maybe not *need*...just *have* hehee.

Mina said...

You go girl! What even makes that narcissistic ass think his opinion counts? Goddess indeed!