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Monday, January 9, 2012

zombie uprising

Again, I will say I am alive.

The weather here has been *insane*. Not insane bad, but insane like WTF insane. Yesterday was 52 degrees outside.

*52 degrees*.

That. shit. ain't. normal.

Oxford had an annual "Winter Wonderland" sledding and snowman making festival every January. It was supposed to be this past Saturday as a matter of fact. Guess what was canceled due to "unseasonably warm weather" lol?

I am enjoying body and psyche want to know what month it is...and I know, for a fact, that the storm of a lifetime is around the corner.


Gots me a Kindle Fire for Christmas :). *insert happy dance here* I am LOVING it soooo much! Highly recommend, three thumbs up, 5000 zombie get the idea :)!

On another note, a friend of mine is considering blogging but is afraid of what she may say, or afraid of what she wants to say, or afraid of what people think about what she says.

I say, say what the fuck you want to say. This place is where I let it out.

Where I scream until my throat bleeds.

Where I cry until I blow away in the wind.

Where I put out my truth so it doesn't eat me alive.

This is where I say: I am a Texan landed in the fuckhole state of Michigan, I love to drink and have a cigarette every few years, I am a Christian who loves the Goddess, I am a former cutter and eating disorders sufferer, I cuss too fucking much, I was abused by my parents and the other shitster, I am a fag-hag, I am a closet vegan wannabe, I am OCD about brushing my hair, I have talents and abilities and smarts that absolutely no one will ever give me credit for...

Well, you get the idea.

You wouldn't be reading this right now if you didn't love me. Or, you are reading this because you got lost. Or you just want to feel better about yourself.

And I hope you do.

Really :).

So, all of that to say that yes, the Sweet Zombie Goddess, the epitome of sugar and cyanide, is alive and well.

Or is that undead and well.


Peace, Love and (you made it to the end...bravo) Zombies \IiiI


Tea Witch said...

I heart you....just sayin.

mrsamellinc said...

You shock me. You thrill me. I give you a lot of credit for sharing what you do. Bless you Penny!

mrsamellinc said...

You shock me. You thrill me. Thank you for sharing who you are. Bless you Penny!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I know you are alive, and I love it when you come out and scream. Tell your friend that if she is anything like you, I'll be her first follower. I've never failed to see your abilities and worth; you are amazing, and I, too, know that a storm is coming.

And, you've been tagged:

P.S. I had to goggle "fag-hag" thanks for broadening my vocabulary!