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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

yes, i'm still alive

Been for a bit. Ended up with food poisoning via a lovely Lean Cuisine frozen lunch that I had after an interpreting gig I did for a friend. Put me down for the entire week. I did send a complaint to LC to let them know, figuring I'd never hear a word. I was surprised, though, when a check for $12 an a apology wound up in my mailbox from them. They did the right actually happens.

Now, on a fun note, the coolest little witch in the world, Magaly, is having another nummy Winter Solstice giveaway. Go check it out here (you'll have to copy and paste the whole link. Blogger is being uber-retarded today...grrrrr). I have said it before and I will say it again and again: do yourself a favor and read Ms. Magaly's blog. You won't be disappointed!

Now, off to do something....productive. I can find something...I think....

Peace, Love and (is it over yet??) Zombies \IiiI


Dana Wright said...

Nice to meet you on here...hope you are feeling better. Food poisoning is just not the way to spend the holidays. :)

Dana @


Magaly Guerrero said...

Don't you just love it when people do the right thing? I was really upset the other day because I ordered a book and the store sent me the wrong title. I was ready to give them a piece of my mind, when they mailed me an apology, the right title, the first book on a new series, and asked me to keep the one they already sent as proof of how sorry they were. Yep, it happens.

Hope your tummy is all better now, my friend!

bingsy said...

How did they determine $12?

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Dana@ same there!

Mag@ Yes I do!

Bingsy@ I have no idea, but it is 12 dollars more than I had lol!

Martina said...

I don't think I will ever touch another Lean Cuisine now.
Glad you're feeling better!

Cogent Ascending said...

ick you are so brave for eating that in the first place
I have birthday wishes but yours should be free to provide, unless you've started charging for zombie goddess work

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Cog, wishes for you are always free from me :).

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny...wishing you a wonderful 2012.

NurseNightmare said...

yuck...that's a long time to recover. Glad you are on the mend