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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just cuz

My beautiful witchy friend, Magaly, tagged me to answer a couple questions that she was tagged in. Sounds like fun to me :). Here we go:

Where is your favourite place? Why? My best friends' moms' backyard in El Paso. It is the most beautiful oasis in the desert you will ever find. I swear, Wiley is just this side of Snow White with all the turtles and birds and other desertland creatures that find their respite in her presence. I get so very very homesick just seeing these pictures. I am immediately taken back there and can hear the chirping, the sound of the water in the pool, the scent of my desert home and the Southwest sun on my skin. I will get back there again one day.

What was your worst date, and why? I've been married for 20 years. We don't date, so I guess that that would be the worst.

I am too lazy to tag at the moment, so if you see it, do it and tell me :).

She also shared 11 random things about herself, so me, being the lemming I am, will jump over that cliff too :).

**side note- Yes, I know...lemmings don't actually do the "follow the leader to death march". It was created by some Canadian scientists for some reason. This information is in case little Ms. "That isn't what they meant" shows up again :)**

11 Random Things About Me (remember, i'm weird)

1. I am an empath to the nth degree and, depending on where I am or who I am with, will have to excuse myself so I can go "ground" the overwhelming feelings and emotions that like to slam me.

2. I've always wanted to break someone's nose, just to see what it feels like. Had the chance once...didn't take it...dammit.

3. I can memorize a piece of music and create a matching harmony instantly.

4. I cannot fathom dying. The idea of just not being anymore confuses me.

5. I have anger issues. (Stop laughing)

6. I only own one pair of shoes. My tennis shoes, which also double as my running shoes. I used to have a semi nice pair of black wedgies...the oldest took them and I haven't seen them since.

7. I have a deep seated hatred of myself. I'm working on it.

8. I am a purse, perfume and lip gloss whore. I can't get enough.

9. I think both politics and religions need to be abolished. Neither are good for a damned thing but to make life miserable and cause war.

10. I can sit for hours in silence (as much as my severe tinnitus allows) and be perfectly content. I have taken the drive between Albu and El Paso, a 4 hour drive, without turning on the radio one time.

11. I am afraid I will never be content until I get back to the desert. That scares me. Armchair psychology not necessary.

Finally, just stuff running around my head:

It actually decided to snow a smidge today. Just last week, I was sitting outside with a friend in the sun at 50-someodd degrees. This isn't normal, but I'll take it.

Every time it does become cold and windy, I think back to the day I left that god-awful school I worked at. I smile.

Not sure how I feel about this SOPA-PIPA crap, but I wish like hell they would stop talking about it. How about we censor the endless yapping?

Blessings to Lauren Scruggs and her incredibly healing. Such a beautiful girl who is so lucky to be alive and to have so many people around her and supporting her.

As you can see, I really have nothing interesting happening in my life. Laundry, dishes and bathroom scrubbing about covers it. Jersey Shore has GTL, I have LDB.

Okay, I go now :).

Peace, Love and (dating? married people don't do that. people in love do lol) Zombies \IiiI

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Martina said...

Guess what? You're tagged in mine too, but you don't have to do it if you don't want to. lol