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Thursday, October 6, 2011

worst horror movies and the best giveaway ever

Horror movies are just one of the many reasons to love Hallowe'en. Even the uber-crappy ones that we see. Here are my top four:


Believe it or not, this movie was actually rated the #1 horror movie of all time. Whaaaa? This movie *sucked* from start to finish, even if it did have Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfus. Bad bad bad.

"The Blair Witch Project"

My husband and I, like damn near everyone else on the planet, were sucked in, hook, line and sinker, into the abyss that was BWP. They marketed the hell out of it and did a fantastic job doing so. So well that I even went two days before it came out to get tickets because they were selling out all over the place. What we got in the end was a shitty movie that I actually had to leave half way through because the bouncy filming made me nauseous (I was quite pregnant at the time). What a disaster.


This movie is the reason that I believe no one but a select special few when they tell me that a movie is scary. I can't tell you how many of my friends told me that this movie was absolutely terrifying, nightmarish and leave-the-lights-on-all-night worthy. What I got was a boring, long-winded, sadly written retarded tale of astro-projection. Darth Maul and Freddy Krueger had a baby and this movie made the offspring it's demon extraordinaire. Utter and total crap.

"Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 50, and 400000000"

Nuf said.

Now for the good stuff :)! My dear witchy blog friend over at Pagan Culture, one Ms. Magaly, is having a super Hallowe'eny giveaway via the amazing Tribal Horse Designs and her etsy shop Shadows of the Goddess Designs . I highly suggest checking out Mag's page and Shadows of the Goddess' beautiful crafts. I have my witchy goddess eye on a few things meself! You absolutely will not be disappointed!

Cloak and Dagger time: Something really cool is happening for me tomorrow, but so as not to tempt fate, karma (the bitch she is) or anything else, I will keep it under my hat until after all is said and done. All I ask is prayers, crossed fingers, candles, whatever your poison may be, for a positive outcome. Please :)???

Have an awesome night ya'll!!

Peace, Love and (need a *real* scary movie, stat!) Zombies \IiiI


Ann Worthington said...

The Blair Witch Project was terrible. I got so motion sick I wanted to die.
I have to say, Jaws scared the poop out of me as a child. Stupid plastic shark.
I have not yet seen Insidious or Paranormal Activity and I don't think I ever will considering everyone says they blow.

Magaly Guerrero said...

So I misread the title, at first... I thought you wrote Best Movies and Giveaway Ever... I almost lost respect for you. Then I read the post and breathed again.

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Ann@ I knew PA would suck on ice, but had to watch anyway. You aren't missing anything

Mag@ Will you still respect me in the morning lol??

Magaly Guerrero said...

Of course, luv of mine. I've watched "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter" I know about the need to watch, um... things outside the box lol

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

So bad it is good lol. Gotta love em! Try out "Stan Helsing" too :).

Lin said...

I have to agree, all of these sucked. haha