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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

no new tale to tell

Really have nothing of specific importance to talk about, but I haven't blogged in *so* long, I was afraid y'all were starting to worry about my whereabouts. Even if you weren't, here I am :). So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few nuggets of wisdom and a lot of shitty opinions from the QTZG.

1) The man who owns the house next door decided to put up a fence. Our entire area butts up to protected forest and basically the view is unheeded from on end to the other. Now the jackhole next door has put up a fence, but not *just* a fence. A fucking fortress wall. 6. Fucking. Feet. Tall. Now it is forest, yard, forest, yard, trees, forest, yard, ~*~*FUCKING FENCE*~*~. I'll take a picture of this simply gorgeous monstrosity when it is finished.

2) I am glad that Irene has finally gone on it's merry way and that a lot of people came through it unscathed, particularly people I know. It does break my heart that people lost their lives. Now, and this popped into my head when I heard that Vermont seemed to be the hardest hit (according to our news. If I'm wrong, call them, not me), I wonder if the world will blame Obama for the loss of lives. Afterall, everyone blamed Bush for Katrina, so I think it is only fitting that Obama get blamed for this one. I mean, it isn't like he will care. More than likely he is on another vacation and is getting his information from CNN just like the rest of us.

3) I am terrified for my 11 year old to start middle school this year. She is such a gentle soul, quiet, very artistic, and, well, the middle schools is scary. Last year, a 6th grade boy and an 8th grade girl were caught screwing behind the school. Not kissing. Not fondling. Having sex. Completely disgusting. I hope that hedonistic place doesn't warp her.

4) My husband and I had some friends over for Tamalefest 2011, trying to just have some fun before the summer ends and the hell that is winter sets in. It would have been great, save for one small problem: the mood. Holy shitballs. One was sick, another is dealing with a horrible workplace, my husband wasn't feeling too well. The only people in a semi-good mood were myself and the wives. Unfortunately, you know how men can ruin everything. I cooked my ass off, making tamales (in homemade mole) that I started the night before, green chile chicken enchiladas (for which I roasted the green Hatch chiles myself), shredded beef enchiladas, queso, my own pico de gallo. I mean, I went all out. For. Nothing. I honestly pictured us getting food, going outside to sit down, have a good time talking and laughing, enjoying the day. Instead, these slow moving creatures (not zombies...not my zombies), grabbed food, sat, ate, and watching the baseball game. Whoopee-fucking-do. God, how anticlimactic. I am still reeling from the disappointment, since I really did want everyone to have a good time. Oh well, the leftovers were fabu one way or the other.

5) Movie reviews, rated 1 to 5 zombie moans, 5 being best:

"Black Swan"- 4.5 zombie moans. Excellent movie, made you think and change your opinion about a thousand times on what the hell was wrong with the girl, but, the whole 10 minute muff diving scene...totally unnecessary. Oh, and the masturbation scene. Fast forwarded through that. I wanted a horror/mystery movie, not a "how to go down on your crazy ass girlfriend" video.

"Death Race 2"- 2.5 zombie moans. Loved Danny Trejo. Loved how they tried to make sure it all managed to tie in as a true prelude to "Death Race", but all in all, it sucked. Big time. Oh yeah, and another ridiculously long sex scene. Had no idea I had rented that much porn this weekend.

6) We are going camping this weekend. All well and good, save for a minor issue in my book. Schools start Tuesday and we are camping until Monday. Let me think: good idea. Answer: hell no. I personally think we need that Monday to get everything ready, packed, cleaned, laid out, etc., so me running around trying to unload a trailer, get clothes washed, kids washed, stuff put away, get them ready, and get me ready for a first day back to my shitty ass job just isn't going to cut it. Not at all. This is going to get revised and fast.

7) Insomnia sucks. Hence my snarky attitude. So, if you had been looking for a "woo hoo blessings, sunshine and happy day" bullshit, yeah, not here lol. I. Am. Exhausted. Oh, and my hair coloring expedition went totally fubar. What should have become a nice golden light brown/dark blonde became brown. Just. Brown. Fuck me. Oh well. Guess this is a time to be glad that the husband rarely notices me anymore.

8) Oh, one last lovely thing. Oxford Schools, in all their mental retardation, decided to have late start Wednesdays for the middle and high school. Only thing: the HS will have *NO BUSES*. So, either they sit at the school for 2 hours doing nothing or parents have to take them. This school board is fucking stupid!

I guess the powers that be figure that they don't mind having a few hundred teenagers wandering around with nothing to do for a few hours every Wednesday. I can still take Stef to school, but what about all the others who can't? Oh well, that is what happens when you spend all the funding on new f'ing blue turf, an entrance that wasn't needed, tennis courts that are unnecessary and trying to make ourselves look like some oh la la school with all the international academy crap. C'est la vie.

Funniest part of all: I don't remember, as a parent in this shitty school district, being asked my opinion about anything. I guess they just want my money, not my input.


Ugh. I'm pissing myself off lol. I'm done. For now. Here's hoping I get some sleep tonight.

Y'all, have a goodin.

Peace, Love and (who moved my rock) Zombies \IiiI


Tea Witch said...

So...I was pretty good with this post till the whole 8th and 6th grader messing around bullet. I choked on my friggin coffee damnit. My daughter just started middle school this year and I just had the sudden urge to go pull her out....for forever. I'm gonna seriously look into homeschooling. *shudder*

Good to know Death Race 2 sucked as much as I thought it would. That's what they get for not putting Statham in it. When will these movie idiots learn. I am, however, still interested in watching Black Swan. Sex scene and all.

P.S....I love your snark :)

Ann Worthington said...

The kids were fucking behind the school?! I am speechless.

Lin said...

1. I cant wait to see a photo of that disaster.
2. The president always gets blamed in the end so hey, why not? haha
3. Wow, they were actually doing the deed? Yikes. It was hard enough starting middle school at 13, lord help your lil girl :/
4. I hate it when shit like this happens. I tend to always build things up in my mind & am pissed when they're a let down. At least you had fantastic leftovers!
5. Loved Black Swan.
6. You're one brave soul for going on a camping trip before the kids start school. Have fun!
7. Sucks about your hair. I've been tempted to dye mine but the end result is never what I want so I've been trying to stay away from that idea.
8. All school boards are idiots. That sucks.

Winter Slytherin @ Mother Moons said...

On the bus situation: our school district decided over the summer that we had to PAY for our bus service. Yup, PAY for PUBLIC transportation... a certain fee for a couple hundred bucks every semester per CHILD. We are a one car family so we didn't have the option of just not using the bus. Now that Keller ISD has done that and gotten away with it I'm wondering if a lot of other Texas school districts will follow suit.

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Winter@ SHHHH!!!! Our School Tards will hear you! Don't give them any ideas lol. That truly sucks!

Shelly said...

wow girl! that is some crazy crap going down at that school!!!

I loved Black Swan, it was a serious mind twister in parts!

The problem with store bought hair color is that it is meant to only change your hair color within 2 shades of your natural hair.

Aerolynn said...

Not to be rude but who are you?? I obviously went to school with you, Mrs.Driscoll was my 6th gr. teacher who incidentally reminds me of tootsie with red hair, Mr. Minbella was my eng. teach , Tommy Snider was in my class, Mrs. Wood my Band teacher at Charles, Mrs. Buckaloo and Coach Ward ick..Mr. Potter history teach, Do you remember Mr. Turner science teach at Fannin, I lived on Olga, who are you???
Valerie (Watson) Marshall

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Aerolynn, we definitely have to know each other. Penny Ann Fassett...that was me :). I had Mrs. Driscoll too (her hair always scared me), and I remember Tommy Snider, Mrs. Buckaloo and Mr. Turner. I had Mr. Sanchez in 5th, Mrs. Cordova (evil wench) for 4th and Mrs. Baldwin for 3rd in Fannin. I live on Aphrodite Drive, right across the street from H.E. Charles. Graduated from Andress in '89. We gotta figure this one out lol.

~Byn There said...

Happy first day back to school! Good to see life is still keeping you on your toes....;)

...I hate when people zone to sports games during get-togethers...:P