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Thursday, September 8, 2011

memory loss, reviews and hate crimes, oh my

I swear to goddess, if I hear "I forgot" one more time, I will kill something small and furry.

I ask the youngest the first day of school, "You have homework?" The answer? "No, mom." Guess who is up until 1045 decorating her journal for class that is due the next day?

I asked the oldest the second day of school, "You have homework?" The answer? "No, mom." Guess who was at the computer at 6 this morning doing an assignment for Speech?

When I asked, "Why didn't you get this done when I asked you?" The answer? "I forgot."



How the fuck do you forget your homework when I have asked you 4000000 times if you have any? Drives me up the wall.

"Did you brush your teeth?"

"I forgot."

"Did you brush your hair?"

"I forgot."

"Did you eat breakfast?"

"I forgot."

No, you didn't forget. You are being a lazy ass. I love my kids so very much, but damn they are mentally lazy as hell. I admit I have an issue with this, especially from my 15 year old. At her age, my parents had basically abandoned between the ages of 15 and 18. Mom was in California and Dad was drunk doing hookers in Juarez. I didn't have an "I forgot" clause at all. If I forgot, I was screwed. I got myself up, dress, fed, off to school, home, homework, dinner if I could find it, then go to bed to do it all again. I doubt my kids would remember to breath most days if I wasn't here to remind them.

Yes, I have tried the "tough love" approach and not said a word for a week. That was the shittiest week ever.

It is just frustrating as hell.


I think I will start forgetting too. I will forget that the oldest want to go to RenFest this weekend. I will forget she needs money. I will forget that the middler wants to go to the library. I will forget that the youngest wanted to go to the store with me.

Sorry, I forgot.

Movie reviews:

"Sucker Punch": 5 zombie moans. I loved it. Fun movie, fantastic soundtrack. For being a "comic book" movie, it was well done, thought out and kept you watching. Me likey.

"Triangle": 5 zombie moans. Found this movie on accident one night and recorded it. Like "Groundhogs Day" but with a freaky twist. Definitely recommend.

"Skyline": 3.5 zombie moans. For being another fraking alien movie, it was unique. Kinda flew under the radar.

Now, for the movie that made me want to shoot someone:


*bangs head on wall*

It ranks right up there with "Paranormal Activity I and II" and, unfortunately, I am sure, "Paranormal Activity III", which comes out soon for the horror movie pussies of the world. Oh my goddess, really. I noticed that the fucking idiots who find "PA" scary also found "Insidious" frightening as well. Explains a lot, doesn't it? Remember when I said I never trust anyone's opinion on horror films? This is exactly WHY I do that. Horrible, boring, bad, shitty, dumb, moronic, retarded, pathetic, waste of time...I could go on and on and on on how absolutely meh this movie was. The box of the movie actually has the quote,"Scariest movie since 'The Exorcist'!" Y'all ever see "The Exorcist"? I did. I *still* can't watch it at night.

Who does these fucking movie reviews??? Retarded monkeys?? Nevermind...I answered my own question.

So, I guess I really don't have to tell you that this ranks in the negative millions as far as zombie moans go.

For fun, a few things I am sick of hearing about on the news:

9/11: It was horrible. It was frightening. It changed our world. Now shut the fuck up. I don't got off seeing pictures of people jumping from windows and falling to their deaths as much as the rest of America seems to. Horror movies are one thing...people jumping because they see no way out is another. Sick fucking media.

Obama and his "job" speeches: Come on people!! It is the same damned speech he has given every few months since the bastard took office. He is lying. He has been lying. He will continue to lie. The fucker will live in a mansion getting paid out the ass going 5 star vacations forever, and you and I will be struggling to make ends meet.

Hate crimes: Any time a person is attacked, it is a hate crime. Ever see someone get the shit kicked out of them and then the perpetrator being charged with love crime? No. Also, the fact that whenever a white person beats a black person, it is a "hate crime" and the asshole who attacked the victim is always perceived a racist, but when black person beats a white person, it is an assault just because it was a "wrong place, wrong time" situation. NO!!! I am so goddamned sick of the whole one way street of racism and hate crimes. Whites are racist, Blacks are racist, Hispanics are racist, Asians are racist.

Here is a definition of the word "racist":

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Absolutely *no where* does it say, "another term for a white person" or "a type of white person". It is *discrimination* based on *race*, not discrimination caused by white people only.

I was discriminated against in the work place in El Paso. I was called a "stupid white girl" by a vice principal...a *Hispanic* vice principal...and told there were other Hispanic women who could use my job more than I could. Yeah, it happens to us white people too!

Until the day that we stop racism in *ALL* races, and make a "hate crime" be the term for *ALL* types of attacks, the rift and anger will never ever end.


Okay, I will get off my soapbox now :).

Annnnnywho, I gotta be on my way to work.

Have a goodin.

Peace, Love and (i was gonna say something, but i forgot) Zombies \IiiI


Lin said...

Holy cow, you were on a roll today & I love it!

My younger brother 'forgets' things all the damn time. So my mom did what you said, she forgot he wanted to go to the movies & wanted new shoes, haha. He was so pissed & then we all laughed.

I love horror movies but hate the lame stuff people are coming out with now a days. It's all been done & it's not scary. Insidious looks awful so I'm glad you just confirmed it.

Racism = major suckage
Your rant totally sounded like one my husband went on the other day when my mom called him a 'white boy' so he retorted by calling her a 'mexican lady' lol. She then called told him he was being racist and he followed it up with a huge rant on how he hates that it's only racist when a caucasian does/says it...he totally had a point & so do you. Preach it girl!

Tea Witch said... child is in the "I forgot" stage too. Makes me want to forget to do all kinds of things right back....*sigh* Gotta love 'em, cause we sure as shit can't shoot 'em.

I want to see Sucker Punch and Skyline. Haven't heard of the other two. And Insidious was a disappointment for sure. The only part that made me twitch was the dad's face morphed into the demon thing...I blame lack of sleep for even that reaction. My mom watched The Exorcist when she was 16 and carried a Bible for a week, I watched it at 16 and laughed at the ridiculousness of it. Yes...I'm that effed in the head I guess.

I don't watch the news so I can't comment on that....

Anonymous said...

I was advised at 7am THIS MORNING that my kid needs a special folder to bring into school TODAY. Bus comes at 8:30 and I'm standing in the kitchen in a nightgown without even my first cup of coffee.

I looked to The Husband and said "deal with this, I'm not punching into work today until 8:25 a.m.

tee hee hee

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Tea@ I have a majorly retarded fear of the dark phobia, so there is just something about the whole head turning think that still creeps me out lol. Can't help it.

Dark@ I have, on occasion, said, "Sorry kids. I am OTC (off the clock), and will not be able to hear you for at least an hour." lol

Cogent Ascending said...

I liked insidious!!
Until LJ pointed out how it was basically a rip off of every other horror movie ever.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in my house, but me, suffers from "I forgot" syndrome. It drives me crazy!

I feel bad for the families that lost loved ones in 9/11 and have to watch the media show them dying over and over again.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Maybe you should start forgetting that they are growing up and treat them like babies again (make them go through their school material in front of you a couple of time) childish warfare used to work for me with my nephew.

And like you said, as soon as you "forget" a few things they really want to do, they will find a way to remember what matters.