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Thursday, May 5, 2011

the zombitch is back

Catchy, eh? Didn't know what else to call it lol.

This past Sunday, the first of May, was the hubs and my 19th anniversary. 19 years, after everyone said we would last 6 months. We proved them wrong by a day or two. We went and watched "Fast Five" which I HIGHLY recommend (can you say *eyecandy*? I think you can!), had lunch at Longhorn's, then, naturally, went to Home Depot, where Don surprised me by getting me my chiminea I have wanted for so long. He also got me started with my stone border for my Piece Of Texas section of the backyard. I will put up pics when I download them.

Okay, let me say this and it will be done. Yes, Obama made the call. A lot of very brave soldiers, who just a few weeks ago almost lost their paychecks because Obama wanted to pad his pocket, put a bullet in Bin Laden's head. I still think Obama sucks total ass, and it pisses me off that this loser will probably get re-elected because of this. Another 4 years of being screwed. A note to Detroit: Al-Qaeda could give a fuck less about you. They aren't targeting mass transit. They aren't breeding baby terrorists in the local schools. You are safe and, besides, damn near no one will say that Detroit couldn't use a good bombing since it already looks like a war-torn country. Why do I say this? Well, our ever-loving, let's-scare-the-shit-out-of-them-again-since-H1N1-was-a-bust media has been telling us that since Bin Laden is dead, Al-Qaeda will be going apeshit fairly soon, and we must all be freaked out and report any and all suspicious behaviour immediately. So, if the kindergartener next door starts playing cops and robbers, call the FBI. He may be plotting the next attack.

~~insert big eye roll here~~

Just. shut. the. fuck. up.

Whew...I feel better now... Onwards and upwards...

I am a lucky zombie goddess, know why? I won *two*, count em, *two* of Magaly's giveaways :)! The book "Witch Hunter" and "Chronicles of Magick: Candle Magick" from Magickal Earth. Me giddy!!

I have talked for some time about giving up coffee. Well...pfft...let's be honest, not *give up* per se, but cut back a lot. I discovered a tea website called The Art Of Tea found here, and with my last little paycheck, purchased a turquiose teacup and infuser, some Velvet tea which is a chocolate mint type, and Banana Dulce tea. I made some of the Velvet a short time ago and oh. my. word. Celestial Seasonings, you are *so* a thing of the past!!! This loose leaf tea is the best I have ever had in my *entire* life!!! If you are considering trying tea out, ohhhhh, go to Art Of Tea!! This stuff is amazing!!!

Okay, lastly, y'all know I have been working on losing weight for quite while. I am, sad to report, still sucking ass at the moment. I know why. It is all me. I have been depressed, and when I get depressed, I eat. Oh, and I drink. A LOT. I am trying to get back in focus, and so far have only missed one workout in the past week-and-a-half. I still need to cut out the salt and grazing which is so hard sometimes. But, I am going to motivate myself, yet again. Yeah, y'all are tired of hearing it, but how many times have *you* said the same thing, hmmmm lol? Here it is: I want to buy a dress. When I was younger I used to wear dresses all the time. Dresses and 4-5 inch heels. I haven't done that in a long time because me, as a fatty, looked *horrible* in dresses. So, what I am planning on doing is going out there, finding a dress that I really like that looks great on me...and buying a size smaller than I am now. Say a size 4/6. And I will work to get myself in to that dress. I did it with a button-up shirt last time that I wanted to be able to wear without having to leave it unbuttoned on top with a shirt underneath. It worked once, it will work again.

I hope.

No....I know.

Anyhoo, I will go get ready for my suckass job. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone :)!

Peace, Love and (it's too pretty out to go to work :( ) Zombies \IiiI


Brandy Rose said...

I've recently given up smoking, drinking and caffeine all at once (pregnant!). It helps when it all makes me sick anyway...

Good luck on the diet/workout thing!

Amanda said...

I honestly don't think Obama being president when bin Laden bit the big one will get him re-elected. He's done pissed off too many people - lots of them being those who initially supported him (ahem, me). I think it's too little,too late.

Penny said...

Brandy Rose@ many many congrats and blessings!! Becoming preggo the first time made quitting smoking way easier than doing it just cuz, if you know what I mean. Prayers for a healthy you and baby!!!

Amanda@ Eh, I hope not, but, you never ever know. Believe it or not, at one time, I supported him too. But not now. Nu huh, no way lol. We'll just have to see. I respect his position as the leader of our country, but not as a human being. That makes me sad.