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Friday, April 29, 2011

cleansing the soul~~bloggy friend giveaway part deux

Yesterday I posted a giveaway for music that is sure to soothe one's spirit. Today we have one that is sure to soothe one's soul and home as well. Magaly has another lovely giveaway here with products from Wee Witches. Their organic coffee and lavender glycerins are looking mighty tasty to me! Natures best uppers and downers lol. Take a few moments and pop on over :)!

Peace, Love and (nothing like a clean home) Zombies \IiiI


Mountain Witch said...

HEY!! You won my giveaway! :D Email me so I can send it to you! There's a pic of your "prize" on my blog and of course links back to your blog!
Email -

Mountain Witch said...

Since I'm not mailing your "prize" out until Monday. I decided to add to it a bit more.. Go check it out. Again.. :D

Mountain Witch said...

Sad. I wanted to mail out your "prize" but I don't have your address. :( Email it to me as soon as you can so I can send it, okay?

Penny said...

I sent you my address last night but it must have gotten lost somewhere lol. I sent it again. I am giddy waiting to get my giftie!!