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Monday, March 7, 2011

what does it mean to you?

Ahhh, the theater. Alas poor Bobo, blah blah blah

(obviously not mine...duh)

I was asked by a woman, whom I have dealt with in the past (and should have learned from that experience) to do a "sketch" for a song some pastor is doing at a church I have only been attending, kinda, for a month or so. I said yes mainly because a friend of mine that I haven't hung with in a while is involved and, well, it seemed like fun.

How time makes us forget what anal-dwelling butt monkey tools some people are.

We were told to "improv" situations during this song where you decide to go outside your comfort zone and do the right thing for another.

Okay. Improv. I can do this. I have been in theater for years, even though people only seem to think I can sing. I may be blonde, and a girl, with an impressive set of tatas, but I can analyze a piece of music into performance like no ones business.

But I digress...

Now, unless the definition has changed, improv means something like "off the cuff", "unrehearsed", "spontaneous", "not scripted". Perhaps I am wrong...

So, anal monkey says, "Let's listen to the song", plays 3 seconds and says, "Here is my idea." Okay. How about we listen to the *whole* song, *then* tell me your idea.

Three vignettes (apparently her favorite word since she used it about a million times), each representing different situations where someone is in need for a friend and counseling (to turn them to the Christian side of course haha). Okay, gotcha. "Penny, this is your situation with these other people. Put yourself here and here and go with it."

Okay, I can do this.

Me: Can we hear the song now?
AM: Oh yeah. How does this thing work again?

(music plays)

I have an idea what she is looking for so here we go....

Went through it one time. Seemed to go well. AM critique following every take we took:

Don't gesture.
Gesture more.
Look over in the direction.
Don't look and make it obvious.
Step down there.
Step down here.
Look at each other.
Don't touch.
Touch more.
Sit and engage.
Sit and wait.
No, engage then wait.
Do what you think would work.
Do it this way.
You will walk off together.
Don't leave the area.
You will wear a sign.
Someone else will have a sign.

Get the idea????

Then, there was my darling Stephanie. She is in the last vignette (beginning to hate that word), where is a teenager (big stretch) having issues at school (bigger stretch). She has a friend who comes over and consoles her and makes it better. Stephanie is a great actor (and a drama queen extraordinare lol), so she actually whipped up tears and the whole nine yards. Heck, watching her made me want to cry. It was *perfect*! AM's critique:

Show more emotion.

Wha??? She was sitting there, in tears, being "dramatic", showing Oscar-worthy emotion. What should she do? Slash her freaking wrists???

So, basically, we improv'd with how we interpreted the music with her telling us what to do...and not to do...then do...then do differently...interpreting it our way but with her way of thinking.

There is "directing" then there is "anal dwelling butt monkey psycho director from hell".

In the end, my friend, my daughter and I have done this kind of stuff together before and we know it will all turn out perfect.

There is a reason some direct and others act...

Peace, Love and (places everyone...over, over here...over there here) Zombies \IiiI


Shelly said...

oh goodness! Good luck!

I was really hoping that the graphic at the top was the sketch you were talking about... I love that sketch `;~)

Penny said...

Shelley@ it will be an adventure. Apparently, what we call a "skit" she calls a "sketch" because it is without words or something. Hate to tell her it is the same dang thing lol.

Shelly said...

she makes no sense... LOL