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Saturday, January 8, 2011

we interrupt your current program

For the following

They gotta be coming. I got up and dressed this morning to go to my WW meeting. It wasn't until I got into the car and on the road that I realized a comment that had run through my own head as I was putting on my clothes. The thought was, "It isn't that bad outside. I'll just wear a short-sleeved shirt and my new big button-up sweater." Ladies and was only *19 degrees* outside at the time. Not that bad outside. What the french toast?

Could this sudden acclimation to the frozen tundra around me after 16 years be the calm before the zombie storm? Will I be eaten or be there Goddess? Pfft, silly question...we all know *that* answer.

As far as my weigh-in today, it wasn't bad. I wore my jeans, so the weight was going to read higher anyway. If I had worn my usual shorts (yes, I get weighed in shorts), my weight would have shown that I had maintained. Dern good for coming off of the holidays if I do say so myself.

So now, I am off to put laundry away, get the meat for dinner going (chicken nachos...yuuuuum) and just chill. Maybe clean the AK, just to be safe...

Hope y'all have a goodin :).

Peace, Love and (did you hear that???) Zombies \IiiI


LivingDeadNurse said...

how much have you lost on WW? so far i have lost 10..gone back 2 lol so i am at a 8lb loss. Good luck. Trying to get back to reading my fellow bloggers and blog again. Had to stop playing Farmville it was eating up my internet time...sad i know

Magaly Guerrero said...

I think I'm getting wendigos in my part of the world--zombies would probably freeze to death or be buried under the know. It has been snowing for two days (over the snow from last week, which is yet to melt). I went to the gym on the bus, which was 20 minutes late. My poor MINI was buried up to the window. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but I really couldn't move it--Staten Island is way too hilly.

On the weight thing... why are you wearing clothes on the scale? I do it in the nude that way I know exactly what's going on every time.

Why is it that "in the nude" sounds kinkier than naked? lol

Sending you a bunch of good wishes for 2011

Penny said...

LDN@ I've lost 50 so far and have between 25 and 30 left that I would like to lose. I quit FV a long time ago. That danged game just ticked me off too much lol!

Mag@ I know what you mean with the snow. I am so tired of it it isn't even funny. Have had the stupid poo on the ground since the first of December. Meh.

I do weigh myself at home in the nude (yeah, it does sound kinda bow-chicka-wow-wow hehee), but at the meetings, well, I'm thinking nude would be frowned upon a smidge lol. I do know that my weight at home will be at least 2 lbs. lighter than at the meetings!

Thanks for the wishes!