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Thursday, January 6, 2011

take a seat until the feeling passes

Today, so far seems better than yesterday. Color me happy.

I have a new dilemma.

I have the desire...

to have my hair cut.

I know, I know. The feeling that one needs to cut their hair is akin to when one feels like texting when drunk. It needs to be dealt with properly. Now, for the drunk texter, you just take away the phone and/or computer, but in my case, you certainly cannot take away my head. It would be fun, but not really a good idea. Now, I'm not talking about el choppo, where I look like Phoebe from "Charmed" (I wish!), but just a trim up. I will never be 18 again, so long long hair won't do, but I am also not 90, so helmet hair isn't up my alley either. And I will not, I repeat *NOT* have what I call "Oxford Mom Hair". That choppy, bob looking thing with too much highlighting. It is just hideous!

(Like this, but blonder and frostier...and on *everyone*)

No no no. So, I know I will do something, I just don't know when or what.

Random stuff now:

~Snow is back and is coming down like crazy. Glad I am an innie today.

~Dish Network sucks hardcore. Since the first of January, anytime you change the channel, a "signal lost" comment comes up and we are television-less for at least an hour. It is just a smidge annoying if you are trying to get the weather. They are also charging us over $200 for a receiver we turned in 5 months ago. They have "no proof we sent it", and Don deleted the email saying they got it because, 4 months ago, we called to be sure they had it for a fact and they confirmed. Jerks.

~I really miss Starbuck's.

~I love my Galaxy S. Did I ever say that?

Okay, I'm going to go get an early lunch and get ready to go to work. Even though things are going nicely, this is still kinda sorta how I feel way deep down inside:

Peace, Love and (i could use an aspirin though) Zombies \IiiI

~~~Dish moderately redeemed themselves. The man that came out to check out the issue was nice, spoke *to* me, not at me, hooked us up with the SlingLink and got everything figured out. Thank you Mr. Dish Guy :). Now if I could just smash the pendejo who cost us that $


Debbie said...

The Oxford Mom "doo" sounds scary...and on everyone!! Yikes!! Just say NO to frosting.

Anonymous said...

Dish Network and Comcast suck monkey balls.

Shelly said...

are you doing your hair like the picture posted? I like it!

Oxford mom's sound scary :(