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Saturday, January 1, 2011

hello 1-1-11

I see we all made it unscathed into 2011, so...

Like others out there, we stayed home and had a few friends over. Played cards, drank Cap't Morgan's Tattoo and coke and a little 1800 tequila. Rang in the new year and went to bed. Even Don stayed up....yeah, I know!

I have read so many blogs from people reflecting back over 2010. It was such a long year, I only remember bits and bobs myself. Left a church that meant the world to me, lost a father figure I loved dearly, had another nervous breakdown (you laugh...I actually did). I did nothing monumental, or, at least nothing anyone would remember on purpose lol. But I am still here. Still alive. Still kicking. There is something to be said about that.

No resolutions. No plans. A few "I hope to's".

I hope to get my next tattoo for my 40th birthday.
I hope to be closer to my goal weight by my 40th birthday.
I hope to finally learn to allow myself to be content with who I am and my surroundings.

Yeah, that works for now.

All of our snow is gone for the time being. It is, at this present time, 53 degrees, which is absolutely unheard of. Kinda creepy. My backyard looks like the last location of a monster truck rally with all the mud and muck everywhere. This stirs a spark of fear in my soul and, for anyone who has lived in these parts, you understand. You've heard "the calm before the storm"? For us it would be "the calm before the ice storm" lol. It's coming....I just know it.

For now, I will keep on keeping on. Starting from month 1, day 1, year, 1. New beginnings? I hope so.

Here's to the future.

Peace, Love and (let the year begin) Zombies \IiiI


Amanda said...

I'm sick of hearing about 2010. It's done, I lived thru it, yay. We stayed home and had a guest - another 6yr old boy - what the F were we thinking? NYE is overrated.

Mejis said...

It was warm here, too. I hope the kids get a few weeks of school, though, before we get pelted with any more snow and ice.

Penny said...

Amanda@ 2010 was only yesterday, so someone is bound to bring it up again lol. It is overrated, which is why we stay home :). Anything over one 6 year old is psychotic, that is for sure!

Mejis@ Agreed!