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Friday, December 31, 2010

in with a bang, out with a.....SURPRISE!

wheeze? Grunt? Muffled scream?

I've decided to forego the silliness of New Year's resolutions. Too much pressure. I am going to jump back on my WW wagon which I have keep steady pace beside for the past week and maybe, oh, I don't know, try not to be such a blooming bitch. Maybe.

Tonight we are going no where and doing nothing. Maybe getting pizza, watching tv, I'll wake up Don to say Happy New Year since he will more than likely be in bed by 10. Be jealous.

I suppose the next post you read here it will be 2011. still feels like 1998.

Stay safe and have a happy one.

Peace, Love and (see you next year) Zombies \IiiI

I just found out that I am one lucky lucky girl!! I won a "Gratitude Bracelet" giveaway done by my wonderful beadist friend Kim Miles :). I cannot *believe* it!! If by some odd chance you don't know who Kim is, check out her blog, Taking The Long Way Home, and her bead page at the link above. Now that I am gainfully employed, I am going to be filling my bead box with her beauties!



Anonymous said...

I get to give a raging jackass an IV at midnight. Yay! lol

Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

Happy New Year my friend. May we both have a fabulous year ahead of us. :)