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Thursday, December 23, 2010

zombie cooking 101

I wan this in my stocking :)!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve (as if y'all didn't know that), and today is National "Oh-crap-I-still-don't-have-everything-I-need-where-is-my-recipe-what-do-you-mean-we-are-out-of-tape-don't-put-that-tinsel-there-child" Day. We are thankfully *not* celebrating that this year. Today, for us, is a cooking day. Don is making his buckeyes and peanut-butter-and-chocolate pretzel sticks and I am making my ever so famous sweet and sour meatballs. I smell like a meatball right now. And I am always sweet...and sour hehee.

Everyone, take care tomorrow if you are going to be on the road (like us), or even if you are staying home, stay safe and have fun.

Peace, Love and (two more days thank god(dess)!) Zombies \IiiI

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