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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i'm thinking it and your reading it

~I do believe that I am done with all Christmas shopping. Amen and amen.

~Sorry about my rant on the eclipse. I just really wanted to see it :(. Dang it.

~I am incredibly cranky about the weather. Snow started *early* this year, and I am already completely done with the cold. It is not even the end of December, and this crap will last until March. Kill me now.

~I feel fat today. Probably because I haven't gotten on the treadmill in two days. I am getting on it tonight. One way or the other, I took my *size 10* jeans (let me say it again.....SIZE. 10!) directly from the dryer and put them on without having to suck in or lay down on the bed.

~The fam wants to watch the new "The Karate Kid" tonight. *sigh*. Thank goodness I have a bottle of wine and a travel coffee mug. Jaden ain't no Macchio, and I *hate* remakes that have to combine ideas from the originals' sequels to make one crappy film.

~Notice how I am trying not to cuss? Proud?

~Accidently watched "Paranormal Entity" last night on Chiller. Man, these movies SUCK! Where do they find the mentally deficit tools that they show on the commercials all jumping and screaming? I jumped and screamed when I saw how much of my precious time was wasted.

~Guess that is all. I will leave you with pie loving zombie Santa. I think he is having pecan and brain pie. Mmmmmm, pie....

Peace, Love and (i am so cold) Zombies \IiiI

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Shelly said...

I'm really bummed that I missed the eclipse, too. I'm on DAYSHIFT for the holidays and it is killng me. So I promptly came home and immediately fell asleep to not wake up until about 5 am. So yeah, I got a lot of great sleep, 10.5 hours worth. I missed something I really wanted to do again!!!