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Thursday, November 18, 2010

i'm tired

I'm tired it all. I'm sorry. I'm tired of the anger. I'm sorry for my anger. The constant hatred and woe is me bullshite is getting really old. My anger and exhaustion is based around one thing: religion. I am on a pendulum, swinging between being a Christian and being a Wiccan. Trinitarianism seems like a happy medium, but there are holes in that theory too. I love God...I love the Goddess. I believe in Jesus...there are some things I don't believe. I hear the love of God and hatred of other beliefs on one side...I hear the love of Goddess and hatred of all things God on the other. I am so sick of it all.

With no further ado...

(This is me, pulling out my heart because it just can't take it anymore)

My apologies to the human race:

To those who hate God and Christians, no matter who they are, I'm sorry. I am sorry some asshat made you feel less than human for whatever reason. I am sorry that you have decided that there in no way can possibly be a God and that you have to let everyone know all the time how stupid any belief/faith/love/or following of God is and how absolutely retarded all of us are who want to do the above. I am also sorry that you are such fucking hypocrites with your "I would never hate someone like a Christian does" and then you write a diatribe on how much you hate Christians. If you need, I will put the definition of "hypocrite" up later.

To those who hate the Goddess/Buddha/Vishnu/et. al., and those who worship them in any way, I'm sorry. I am sorry that you have decided that the Bible states a "my way or the highway" mentality and that anyone who does not believe exactly like you is wrong. You, my friend, are the one who is wrong. When Jesus says to love every one, he means *every one*, not just the ones you deem worthy. Don't go around telling people Jesus loves you when you have no idea what love is. If I am wrong, then I am sure God will tell me when I get to heaven. If you are wrong, He will tell you the same. One way or the other, we will both be there.

I am a Christian. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. As far as I am concerned, every attempt to disprove His existence has been completely and utterly thwarted. He is as real today as he was 2000 years ago.

I believe in the ideals of the Goddess and the beliefs of Buddhism. Buddha's teachings were of love and acceptance. The Goddess teaches us to love the air, the water, the earth that gives us life and sustains us.

So there. I'm sorry. I am sorry I let your anger seep into my blood and feed my confusion about who I am at this time of my life. I'm sorry I got angry at you and, in turn, became the hypocrite I have bitched about. I do, though, thank you for helping me take a closer look at my soul, taking stock, and responsibility, for who I am.

God Bless you and Blessed Be!

Peace, Love and (if this post pisses you off, and you decide you can no longer be my friend, you just proved my point) Zombies \IiiI


Debbie said...

Follow your chosen path...and if that combines a little of something from everyone, then so be it. No one has the right to tell you your path is the wrong one because it is not their choice to make.

There will always be someone that says "we're number one and you are all wrong"...always. Someone once told me I couldn't know the difference between right and wrong because I didn't go to their church. I really had a hard time believing that this church was the only place in this entire world that knew the difference between right and wrong ~ but I also knew that a discussion with that individual would go nowhere fast. So I do what I have done for years and years....I smile and politely tell them I don't believe I need to justify my beliefs to them, nor is it necessary for them to justify theirs to me. And if they can't respect that, I don't hang around. The end. :)

Shelly said...

Oh Darling! I'm so sorry to hear you struggling *hugs*

I do love you and your love of Jesus, Buddha, and the Goddess. And your love of Zombies and Texas `;~) I'm picturing Cowboy Zombies right now... I can only say... YUM... LOL

I hope that my post last week didn't excerbate this for you. Because that is not what that post was meant to do. I was bringing to light my own struggle so that I could overcome it. I was ashamed that I still had that worm of distate there.

I am not against any religion. My daughter is named after Mary Magdalene because Jesus loved her regardless of her past. He loved her unconditionally and I wanted that for my daughter `;~)


Penny said...

Debbie@ it just gets so tiring smiling and all I want to do is scream haha.

Shelly@ love, your post didn't exacerbate how I've been feeling. I've been fighting with this for a long time and for some reason just came to a head.

Cowboy Zombies are yummy lol.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I believe. I'm not sorry. I refuse to apologize for someone else's narrow-mindedness. How can one follow any god and deny the existence of another? I'm more willing to accept the reasoning of the atheist who says not to believe in anything?

I'm Eclectic. I believe in the spirituality of all things, especially in my own. I'm not sorry, but accept your apology on behalf of the idiots who are too closed up in their own delusions to understand the beauty and magic of your words.

Blessings right back at you, my wicked darling!

Penny said...

Magaly@ the definition of "apology" is "throwing up hands in air and saying f you" lol. Just tired of all the bashing from all sides of the coin.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can believe in Jesus, Buddah, God and the Goddess or whatever you choose. I was raised Catholic, have a father who is Southern Baptist and I believe in God AND the Goddess, Angels, I know Jesus really existed, I believe in Spirit Guides, etc. I don't give my religion a label. I'm not Wiccan or Christian. I'm a mutt I suppose. lol
You're right, there are haters on both sides of the spectrum and there always will be. I don't agree with all of the Christian ways, nor the Wiccan/ Pagan or Islam, etc. I take what I like out of different religions and make my own. Why should one have to choose when there is no right or wrong religion?
I just wish they would all learn to accept eachother.