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Friday, November 19, 2010

moving on

Thanks to everyone who listen to my rants. There are just times when you just can't take it anymore and, well, verbal diarrhea ensues. Just remember, when you read the apology post, I'm not actually apologizing. I am being sarcastic as hell. When it says, "I'm sorry" add the word "asshole" to it lol. But, when I say I am tired and confused, that part is real.

Anyhoo. Another day another post. No ranting. Just me say hi :). Going out this evening with some friends but can't imbibe too much. Don has had a rough week and deserves it apparently and I have weigh in tomorrow. Oh well, tomorrow night can be margarita madness for me instead damn it.

Still desperately want to be creative and get some beadwork done but, as an artist of any medium knows, you need a muse or at least some kind of inspiration. Don't have that in white milk Michigan. All the grass, trees and flowers are dead, there is no culture or color. *sigh* It sucks hardcore. Meh.

Guess that is all. I'll go do more laundry, get my fat ass on the treadmill again and hope that tomorrow will be a skinnier day. The fact that 7 months ago I was a size 18/20 and now I am a 10/12 keeps me going.

Have a good weekend y'all!
Peace, Love and (i hope i make this good looking a dead girl one day) Zombies \IiiI


Mejis said...

I hear ya on the lack of inspiration part. That's why I posted half finished crap on my FB. lol
Congrats again on the weight loss!!!!

Cogent Ascending said...

Love that picture