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Monday, October 25, 2010

combo pack

There a couple things for today, a schizo blog if you will. Yes, I know, this blog is usually schizo but, today, I am admitting it, so that is the first step to recovery. Eh, screw is the first step to fully embracing it!!!!!!!

First, our orchard trip from last Sunday. I had been wanting to go to Montrose Orchards for the past two months, so I put my foot down and said, "This is when we are going", and we did :). This place holds a special spot in my heart because Don' dad used to work here through the UAW (United Asshole Weiners) driving the tractors. We first brought Stephanie here when she was maybe a year old so it is kind of a tradition. Granted, the girls are getting older and they don't get as much out of it, so I suppose it is more for me now. I don't mind.

The big guy in the middle is my schmexy beast, all 6'4 of him.

My oldest Stephanie (on the left) and her bff Kiersten.

From left to right, Savannah, Sierra, Stephanie and me. Yes, the 14 year old is taller than me, so callate la boca!

My big fat nasty head. Okay, so it's not *as* big, fat and nasty, but it has a lot of work still. And that fang...that damned military issued fang...

So, that is it from the orchard, now on to today. I have two at home, well, actually, three, including schmexy, so today will not run as usual. I will still have all my housework to do as always, but now I have three whiners to add to the list. Days like this make me sit back and wonder, "Hmmm, is it a 'break in to my NM pinon coffee stash day or just learn how the chainsaw really works' day?" So hard....

I have neglected my beadwork for waaaay to long, and, in turn, neglected my other bead related blog as well, so I am going to start trying to do a new piece every week. I need to get out my creative juices and maybe make some money. It could happen.

I have an interview this Thursday for a noon position at the elementary school. Nothing big, maybe just the sub position, who knows, but it will be the first out-of-the-house paying job I'd have had since I quit to take care of my girls 10 years ago. I am actually nervous, not only because I haven't had to interview for squat in years, but for the fact that I have no idea what to wear! All my clothes, save for one or two what I call "boobie shirts", are too damned big for me. We'll have to see....

Watched "The Human Centipede: The First Sequence" the other day. Holy ass-to-mouth Batman!!! This movie was gross, vile, nasty, and, quite frankly....




It was so refreshing to see a new, unique movie idea, no matter how depraved it was lol. Dieter Laser rocks my socks as the good doctor gone mad. It was very well acted and didn't have that cheap ass horror flick look or feel to it. I recommend it to my more twisted friends out there.

I know, I know. Right now you are freaking out. "What?? She isn't bitching about anything right now?? She doesn't absolutely hate the world? Is Jeebus coming back??" No, I'm fine. Yes, the world still sucks ass, especially here in Oxford, but life is good. The weather right now is gawgeous for being the end of October, Stephanie's torture, err, tenure in Flag Corp ends this week *secret under-the-table happy dance*, I am healthy and happy (enough), so what is there at the moment to bitch about. Oh! I almost forgot!! Schmexy bought me a new treadmill!!!! She is *purty*!!!!!!! Me likey. No, that isn't bitching, that is elation :).

Can anyone out there please tell me how to do strikethroughs? I wanna but can't figure it out. It can't be *that* hard!

Okay, I'll go now, but I leave you with my profile pic from Facebook. I love this picture!!!!

Peace, Love and (stop *staring* at me!) Zombies \IiiI

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