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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i won't and you can't make me

Ain't no one within the viewing of my blog that doesn't know my opinion of the God-forsaken craphole I live in, but, just in case you are new here, here it is:

(If you love it here, I don't care, so shut up.)

Election day is coming and guess what? I don't want to vote. At all. All politicians in Michigan are the shittiest, nastiest, dumbest, most corrupt, vile, putrid, crap sucking, white collar screwing, born of the deepest bowels of hell people. Hell, the trollop that we have as Governor right now, a Canadian natural, has allowed her precious country to dump their toxic waste here ever since she was elected. Have you seen the size of Canada as compared to Michigan? HUGE landmass difference, but since Canada is sooooo tiny, it is logical for them to ship over hundreds of dumptrucks a day full of god knows what to be put in landfills of tiny towns here. Michigans' unemployment rate is the WORST in the continental U.S. Who do we have to thank for that one? You got it...the ass sucking, BMW driving, multi-million dollar paychecking politicians. And they want me to give *them* a job when they are taking away all of ours?

Oh, don't worry...I'll vote. Then come straight home and vomit.

Another thing. Found out today that Michigan is one of five states without an anti-bullying law. Wanna know why? It's not because of what is left out, but what is *included*. The words "sexual orientation". No, I kid you not. The Association for Michigan Families or, as I like to call them, assholes, have decided that that wording will cause a push on homosexual agenda and they refuse to do that. Hmmm. So, because of your homophobic bullshit ways, you won't pass a law to protect all the others in mentioned in the bill, like race/color/creed/religion/socio-economic status/height/weight/mental handicaps/sex, because of the two words "sexual orientation". Well, fuck me. Now, if the bill was being passed *only* for homosexuals and their cohorts then, yeah, I'd get it. That would be wrong. But to tell everyone "Oh well...blame the gays" is unbelievable. is believable...we are in Michigan after all. Bullying is *WRONG* no matter who you are. I have experience with this one, oh yes, yes I do. If you notice I did not take the chickenshit way out and kill myself. I may have been bullied, but I am not stupid. So, there you go :).

Other than that, life is peachy keen. Weather is nice (enough), the insulation is making itself known by keeping my house warm(er) than before, I have an interview tomorrow at the high school, my hubs is still employed (thank the good Lord for that)'s all good. Except...

that I still....




Yes, I am thankful for my home and Don's job and so forth, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. So there :).

Anyhoo, hope y'all have a good day no matter where you live!

Peace, Love and (fuck me I moved here why?? Oh yeah...Don in a uniform) Zombies \IiiI


MoonbeamDancer said...

Come to Illinois where all are old govenors/politicians are recycled as inmates </

Penny said...

Moonbeam@ we have one of those. It's called Kwami Kilpatrick, ex-Detroit mayor lol.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Michigan sucks, but Virginia isn't much better.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I found you thru "My Kids Might Be Martians" and loved your comment about Amanda being confused about her "beaner" nickname, and the hispanic reference.. Didn't think anyone knew that term but me n' mine..
And now this post about OUR beloved Michigan! Ha!
I'm stalking you now! :)

Amanda said...

Where did you live before?

Hey Woman in the Midst - I see you're talking about me again :)

Penny said...

Amanda@ I'm from El Paso, Texas: 1800 miles and a whole lot more away from this place lol!