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Monday, August 30, 2010

you have *who* in my house???

Yesterday. Yesterday was interesting. We had two of our friends over for "church" as they call it (since we don't have one), mainly to discuss where we are and how we are feeling over all the crap that has been going on for some time now. Simply put, "Church Of The Backyard" during the Spring/Summertimes, "Church Of The Bonfire" during the Autumn, and "Church Of The Hearth" during the Winter. During this time, the hubs said he felt like a failure to his family (which he is *not*), friend one said she just didn't give a shit anymore, friend two (friend one's hubs) said he felt like Don, and I said I don't know where I stand anymore, but Trinitarian Wiccan is helping me out right now. We talked, laughed, cried, got angry, I tried to push aside my temper tantrum with God. Then, we got hungry. Soooo, we buy the kids at home Mickie D's (meh) and took ourself to Longhorn's. On the way home, I get a text from the 14 yo girl child. Goes something like this:

Steph: Hi mom. Can I go to the lake with Sammi (female) and Rob? side note: Rob kinda likes Steph and visa versa.

Me: Um, let me ask your dad.

Dad (to me): I don't know if I like that (because of man child).

Me (to Steph): Dad isn't sure.

Dad (to me): Tell her no.

Me (to Steph): Daddy says no. You know the rules. Sorry.

Steph (to me): But he is already here.

~~Yes, she said "already here", as in "at our house without you and dad at home"~~

Me (internally): Oh shit.....

Me (to Don): Um, well, at least you can met him now.

Don (to me): EXCUSE ME???????

Me (to Don): Apparently, he stopped at the house.

Don (to me, himself, the friends, God, et al): This is going to get bad F A S T!!!!

Me (internally): Oh holy fucking shit.....

Me (to Steph): Do you have any idea what you just did????

Steph: What??? Who? Me?

We get home, Don stomps up to the door, the friends hightail it out of the vicinity, I beg the friends to take me home with them. Don walks in, looks at Rob and says, "Hello, nice to meet you. Get out."

Rob looked like he just say his life flash before his eyes, said "Sorry sir" and left.

Don yelled at Steph, I yelled at Steph. I told Don he didn't need to scare the shit out of the poor kid. I got them all to calm down, and convinced Don to actually *meet* the poor man child and explain to him, face to face, why the reaction. So, Steph called him and his parents brought him over. I introduced myself (he was wearing a Rob Zombie tshirt, so I already like him) and lead him to his Don, all 6'4 umpteen pounds of him got up and met Rob, shook hands, so on so forth. Don then looked him dead in the eye and told him the what what of the family and that Steph was deadass wrong for letting him into the house, whether is was for 1 minute or 30 minutes. In the end, we sat, talked, learned more about Rob (he has Spina Bifida, was homeschooled because of his multiple surgeries, is now a Junior, he is one of the theater directors at school, so on so forth). Hell, Don even took all of us out of ice cream. Rob is a good kid, a sweet kid, but still a boy. Steph likes him, doesn't know if she likes him, isn't sure how she get the idea. She is 14. Rob, on the other hand, is completely enamored with her. Can you blame him lol?

One thing I was proud of: Steph asked him *here*, didn't met him on the sly, sneak around to see him, etc. Yes, we would find out if she did that, and, if she did that, well, let's just say Oxford High School would be less one student.

For now, all is right with the world. A junior still lives in Oxford, a 14 yo daughter still breathes, and my backyard isn't a graveyard....yet.

Peace, Love and (where's my shovel?) Zombies \IiiI


Debbie said...

Oh my have only just begun!

~Byn There said...


I feel so much better now I know I'm not the only one. I have met some of my daughter's male friends for the first time when they're conoodling on the couch when I walk in after a long and exhausting day (awkward!) or at 11:30 at night when they come lumbering in behind her and I'm in my nightgown!! Geez, and they wonder why I don't want to talk and get to know them. Learn a little better timing dear!!

Trust me I feel your pain. Set your boundaries now.

Anonymous said...

I do not look forward to my daughters teen years. lol

Diandra said...

Since I don't have any kids yet, the question may seem stupid... but what is the problem with girls having male friends over? I mean, even if they are in love, kind of... puberty will hit anyway, and besides - I had lots of male friends, and nothing ever happened. Their behavior mostly depends on how you raised them, don't you think?

Cogent Ascending said...

This is exactly why I could never have children.
Someone would have to die.

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Diandra@ She has had a boy or two over here before, but the thing that almost got her killed was that *we weren't at the house*. We have strict rules for the girls: we aren't have no one over, male or female, but *especially* male. If he had come over when we were home, there would have been no issue whatsoever. We are tough, we were aren't tyrants lol.