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Thursday, June 3, 2010

fed up

This is how I feel today. Okay, screw it...every day...

The oldest got her room completely re-made for her birthday. New paint, new bedding, new lamps, etc. She couldn't manage to keep her room nice for 3 whole days. The middle-est has no concept of "it's dirty, put it in the basement". The youngest won't put away clothes to save her life. Dishes are left where ever...tags cut off clothes and left *next to* the trash can...the list goes on and on.

I have officially grounded the girls until further notice. No t.v., no computer, no cell phones or texting. They must keep their rooms completely and utterly clean for a full week to be let out of jail. One day missed and they start over. Harsh? Don't care. I'm tired of it all. These girls get *everything* they want, now it is time for them to appreciate it or lose it. I may be an at-home mom, but I am no ones fooking maid dammit.

Maybe it's the fooking humidity sucking the oxygen out of the room...maybe it's the fact that I can't eat or drink anything comforting because I am a fat pig...maybe it's because I am forever trapped in this craphole state. Whatever it is, it has tossed me over the edge. One way or the other, things are going to change...yet again.

I'd kill for just one good day. Just one. One.

(no) Peace, (little) Love and (pissed the fook off) Zombies \IiiI


Debbie said...

On a happier note...have you seen the zombie commercial on television (and for the life of me now, I can't remember what the company is) ~ but it shows zombies bonding with sharks? I immediately thought of you when I saw it. :)

Mejis said...

I know exactly how you feel. It's more the adult male of the house that's messy around here.
I think it's a good punishment. I hope it works.

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Debbie@ the one for Windows 7? Yeah, I love that one lol!!

Mejis@ I hope it does the trick!

AllyJo said...

Hope everything will get better. Hopefully they can learn to be respectful of their things. We have a boy with this problem. :( Take care. :) I love you and stuff.

bingsy said...

I wrote this on at least two of my students' yearbooks: What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. It is Thomas Paine. I know as a teacher that when I made students earn pencils with tickets they used them appropriately. When I got lazy and started giving them out they ended up on the floor broken in pieces. What you are doing is not just good for you - it's good for them. I also know that when I stopped giving those pencils out and buying supplies that my students rightly should buy for themselves I was so much happier and what I feared - the kids wouldn't be able to work for not ever having their needed supplies - didn't really happen.