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Monday, April 19, 2010

got nothing productive to say? say even *more*!

Oh's Monday. Hello psycho hose beast you. Feeling snarky? Why, me TOO!

Anyhoo, the first week of my life as a Weight Watchers member has gone very well. Save for Saturday and Sunday, I have run 1.5 miles a day. For me, that is very cool. Granted, it is impossible for me to run when there would be someone in the house. "Por que?" you say. Well, God granted me with the size G twins, and when those babies get going, I could probably kill a small child. Not attractive. I hope I actually lost some weight. Feels like I did. I better have...

I am not a happy camper. My uber-cool, mega-awesome friend of over 20 years is a DJ for a radio station in Las Cruces, New Mexico, just over the mountain from El Paso where I grew up. I could listen to her show *every day*, but noooooooo. My stupid computer won't let me. Butthead. I need to get the hubs to figure out why.

This Weight Watchers thing is making me swing a tad vegetarian. Never thought I'd say that since I am a massive carnivore, but it's all good. Strange but good. I find myself craving a veggie wrap with hummus instead of a hamburger. WTF?

The 14 year old killed her 4th phone in 2 years. This is the list of demise:

Phone #1- Juke phone: went through washing machine...kinda my fault, more hers.
Phone #2- Pink Chocolate phone: died due to old age as it had been mine for two years previous.
Phone #3- Hubs old Krzr phone: took a dive in the toilet. We will hope it was *before* she used it.
Phone #4- Rival phone: Okay, so she is only *semi* guilty of this one, since it is apparently a huge piece of crap that Verizon refuses to carry anymore.

The hubs and I went in to try to rectify the situation since she has to have a phone to make my life easier. Finagle this, finagle that, Steph ends up with my eNv2 and I get a new eNv3 :). It's a win/win for me! I loved my 2 and I freaking *adore* my 3! Even gets email :). Yea me! Granted, something happens to this one, and I am less one 14 year old daughter.

Don and I were discussing my weight loss goals and rewards. At 20 lbs., I get to get the new purse I have wanted for so long. At 30 lbs., my long awaited tattoo will be *MINE*! I changed it up a touch. I will still get the three cherry blossoms for the girls and I want them connected somehow to an outline of the state of Texas with a cross in the center. Don't know how I will have it set up or where, but I think I am still leaning towards the rosary look. We'll have to see. I still have three more I want to get, much to Don's dismay lol.

Guess that is all. I could bitch about the soccer coaches and their ability to completely fook up a schedule so that absolutely *everything* falls within a 2 hour time frame, but I won't. Wait, I did. Oh well...

Have a great week, may God/Goddess bless you richly, and now for a library trip and a search for good hummus...
Peace, Love and Zombies \IiiI


Debbie said...

Congrats on your successful week!

Mmmmmmmm.....Tribe 40 Spices Hummus....'nuf said. :)

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Let's hope my store carries it lol!

Anonymous said...

At least you can run 1.5 miles. I can't. Just the thought exhausts me. lol

Cogent Ascending said...

Id just buy the purse and tattoo first and then tell my husband if he complains I'm going to eat an entire cheescake for every day he doesn't praise my full bodied beauty.
But I don't have boobs and I'm lactose intolerant so maybe not . . .

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Cogent@ well, I would, but, you see, the hubs is 6'4...I'm 5'2 and would fit too well into the trunk lol. Besides, I hate cheesecake. Now, if you had said a box of Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcakes, then maybe you'd have something there ;).

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

OMG! YES...What Debbie said. Tribe's 40 Spice Hummus is to die for!

I feel for you Penny...I duct tape my girls down.

Wikked Wit said...

Blech...running? Blech. ;)

I am making couscous and spicy black bean veggie burger tonite. :D

We just got 2 new phones from Verizon, Palm Pre Plus, thanks to the hubs leaving his on car roof, then running it over, then it rained.... haha

Keep going with your badass self!!!!

bingsy said...

Weight watchers is really good about breaking down manageable goals. I think it is a solid program that can incorporate all kinds of diets and preferences.
I would cheer you, but I was a piss poor cheerleader.

What is the website and show for your friend?

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Sleepy@ no one can say that duct tape doesn't have a 1001 uses, eh lol?

Wikked@ I *hated* running when I was in the Army, but something about doing it while listening to Depeche Mode blasting through the house makes it so much easier lol.

Bingsy@ I will take your non-cheer as a cheer nonetheless :). Her name is Carrie and she works for KRWG at UNM.