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Saturday, February 6, 2010

fracking freaks at kohl's

Stephanie and I went to Kohl's today to get her a dress for the Valentine's dance at school. Found a gorgeous black and white dress and naturally, needed a black bra, so, off to the lingerie section we go.

We find the first one and head over to the fitting rooms. There are two rooms, and one is already being used, so after knocking, even though the door was a tad ajar, Steph goes in to try on the bra with the dress. After I get her going, an old lady, not looking too happy and seeming really pissy (I had dubbed her the "fracking freak"), walks, no, tromps in. She knocks on door one, tries the handle, and find that it is occupied. She then walks over to the room my daughter is in, and mind you, I am *speaking* to Steph when she is in there, and *opens* the door! Steph had forgotten to lock the door, a mistake I know she will never do again. The FF then plops her big butt down on the chair, huffs for a moment, then gets up and stomps off. A moment later, here she comes again. I look at her, nicely, and say "There are some fitting rooms up front you can try", me smiling all the time. She snarls at me and says, "Those are for merchandise *only*, not lingerie. These are for lingerie." Okay, no prob. Huff, huff, stomps off. Stephanie tells me that the one she has doesn't fit very nice, so I go to get two more. I come back, and FF is there, steam coming from her pointed hairy ears. She sees me hand the bras to Steph, telling her to try the new ones. FF then walks over to the other rooms, grabs the handle, and tries to *force* her way in. The woman inside is saying, first calmly, "I'm in here." The FF is now *pulling* on the door and trying to force the handle to turn. Now the woman is almost yelling, "Hey, I'm in here!!!" FF then turns to me and asks, "Is *she* trying on clothes???" "No," I tell FF, "she is trying on bras!" FF says a final, "Ugh. Whatever!", and stomps away for the last time. OMGosh!!!

Well, we finally left with the right bra for her dress, and a nervous chuckle with the other molested fitting room customer.

For the love of heaven, if the fitting room door is *closed* and *locked* consider it occupied and stay out!!!


Debbie said...

Must have had a hot date tonight with Mr. Pointed Hairy Ears. :)

MICHELE said...

Do you think she does this in public bathrooms w/ stalls, too?

Bet she does!

Anonymous said...


this sounds like an (FF) with toooooooo much time on her hands, like the 1980's song use to sing....

Okay, I have a tag, and another blog award for you, so please come and play.....


Stacey said...

That was too funny. Good grief. What are people thinking? What on earth ever happened to simple common sense? Nevermind courtesy and politeness and decency... Crikey!

Stacey <><