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Friday, February 5, 2010

friday fill in and i'm just saying...

1. I know I talk about Texas too much, but it is in my blood...I can't help it nor do I really want to. Love me, love my Texas 'tude.

Any month that I lose a loved one feels like the longest month.

3. You can't help but
love a Texan Zombie Girl.

You think you can break me? Tear apart my spirit? Take away who I am? Well buddy, I have one thing to say: bring it on and be prepared to taste my Texan wrath!

5. Where is the strangest place have you looked for your keys?

My sarcasm is now available in a multitude of sizes and colors. There is some for everyone!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to chilling and watching "Reservoir Dogs" with Don, tomorrow my plans include nothing really and Sunday, I want to sing worship at church in the morning then go to the Superbowl party at Lake Louise that evening!

A mini wini, teeny tiny vent... Last night, I was at practice to sing worship for a church some friends go to, and one I have sung at before. Now, as a P & W singer, I am full of energy. I smile. I welcome those who have come. I clap. I throughly enjoy what I do. The pastor of the church I have been asked to sing at called the other two singers and the band together and told them, get this, to "Smile and look like you are having fun." Um, seriously? Then I looked around. A more subdued, depressed looking bunch I have never seen before. Here I am, making jokes, singing my heart out, figuring out a new song I had only heard once, *smiling*, and I am surrounding by the Doldrum Gang. They are all nice people, every one of them, but if you are going to stand in front of a congregation and lead them in worship, for heaven's sake, look like you like it! I'm just saying....

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Debbie said...

One would think that you like Texas from this post! I honestly don't believe I have ever met anyone who loves a place as much as you love Texas. They should make you an honorary state leader or something. :)

Hopefully your enthusiasm will catch on and the others will enjoy themselves during the performance.