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Saturday, December 12, 2009

what the hell wednesday on friday...cuz i'm ninja like that

TV crap
  1. Omg tiger woods was in an accident…what do you think? Could care less...but at least they stopped talking about that damn couple at the presidork's dinner party.
  2. Coke or Pepsi? post your favorite commercial. Coke. Love the polar bears :).
  3. What is your favorite Christmas show you can watch over and over again? White Christmas and all the animated ones.
  4. Man got arrested for throwing a tomato at Sarah palin…what do you think? The media is hard up for something interesting to talk about. Good grief.

    Finish the sentence
    1. I will never forget…the day I lost my mind.
    2. If I only had a …second chance...maybe things would have been different.
    3. Life is full of…buttholes and elbows.
    4. You might be a…saint if you can put up with my sarcastic mouth.

    Holiday madness
    1. What is one thing you hope Santa leaves under the tree for you? My 18 year old body. I'd kill to get that back again.
    2. Do you have holiday cheer or are you scrooge? Yes.
    3. What Christmas carol if you heard one more time makes you want to poke your ear drums out? Only one??? I'm thinking all of them!
    4. Real or fake tree? Real. Don't have a reason, other than the kids and hubs like to go out to the farm to pick it out and cut it down. If it were up to me, we'd have a Christmas cactus.

    Last but not least..
    1. Name a song that gets stuck in your head or post a video clip of that song

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Mejis said...

buttholes and Very true though.