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Monday, December 14, 2009

yup, it's monday

Outside My Window…Grey and cloudy, snow on the ground with unraked leaves peeking up through it. Still waiting for that Hallmark snow I grew up watching on t.v. Apparently, media can lie to us.

I am thinking…Need to get some more Christmas cards, wondering why I worry about getting them out. Need to go to Meijer's and may treat myself to some Chinese this afternoon.

I am thankful for…Christmas almost being over.

From the kitchen…not a thing. Had half a cup of coffee but I'm not feeling so swift today.

I am creating…A few jewelry pieces for gifts, but may send them out after the holidays. I give gifts because I want to, not because the season says you have to.

I am going…insane. I absolutely hate feeling like such a Scrooge, but I am so down right now it sucks.

I am reading…a couple books Don got me from Borders. Think I will start out with "Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom". How can you pass up a title like that?

I am hoping…that things will get better soon.

I am hearing…the t.v., the fan on the computer and dripping water from the roof.

Around the house…housework as always. Maybe I should throw myself a private Christmas party.

Plans for the week include…ortho for Sierra (thanking God that it will be cold but not snowy), school Christmas parties to buy for, housework, painting the bathroom (maybe)

One of my favorite things…sleep

A picture I’d like to share with you…Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. I actually have one here on my table. Kinda symbolizes how I feel right now. Wanna sparkle and shine but just can't seem to do it.


Debbie said...

But you do sparkle and shine....I can see it from here!! :)

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

We have that tree too! There are two presents under it now...

Mejis said...

That private Christmas party sounds like a good idea.

Jess Mendez said...


I think you sound very busy, and creative right now. I admire anyone who sends out X-mas cards, I never do. I probably should.

I also give things away just becuase it is good for me, yes even that gift can be good for me to give away without any one knowing that I did it.

Out of all this post, I think sleep is the most imporatant, one must sleep well, or we get out of tune.

Staying in touch,

Stacey said...

Well, first of all, I LOVE Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, and anything to do with Charlie Brown. Can't we just all relate to him? I can.

And I so hope things pick up for you. Man oh man, do I know about feeling down and blue. Yep. It sucks. Just so you know, you are in my prayers daily. I like the idea of throwing yourself a Christmas party! And I hope you treated yourself to some Chinese. That would be one of my favourite treats, too.

Tell me... do you have freezing cold hands and feet all winter long, like I do? What's a person to do? I have started sleeping with gloves on. I know my husband thinks that is so sexy...NOT!

It's hard longing for things that aren't. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, for you to find peace and contentment while you're waiting... but if you don't, that's okay, too. I think it's perfectly fine to express our discontent. It's real. It's part of life. Hang in there, Penny!

Love, Stacey <><

~Byn There said...

Just think, you'll have the girls home with you for 2 whole weeks soon.....look forward to that and enjoy it!

Have you ever come to our church? I'm thinking maybe y'all should give it a try, we love to get happy, sounds like you could use some group happiness. Services are @ 9:30 for the next couple weeks then changing to 10a the first Sunday in January. Think about it.

Peace, hugs, and bottoms up!