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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

no days off for this mom

I'm sick right now. A touch of the garden variety, not-going-to-shut-down-Oxford-but-I-feel-like-I-want-to-die, flu. So, like the rest of my family does, I am going to whine about being sick.

The life of the sick mom is like that cartoon above. The kids gets sick, they lay around, get pampered, waited on hand and foot until they are better. The husband gets sick, he lays around, gets pampered, waited on hand and foot until he is better. I feel guilty when I get sick, like I am abusing or ignoring my family. Alas, when the mom gets sick, she:

1) makes school lunches
2) makes breakfast
3) get kids and/or husband dressed
4) does dishes
5) does laundry
6) cleans up after family who had the run of the house when the mom foolishly went to bed early due to said illness.
7) picks up first kid from school
8) picks up second kid from school
9) gets dinner started
10) cleans up

Then, the family will actually ask, "So, mom...feel better?"

Mom then goes insane and kills entire family.

All I asked for was ginger ale. Did I get any? What do you think?

Yes, I'm bitching. Petty, unnecessary bitching. I'm sick...I deserve it.


Debbie said...

Been there, done that......and in my humble opinion, the bitching is legit!! Rant on my friend, rant on....but do feel better soon. :)

Warrington said...

Feel free bitch away! I have found out- that if you make a big enough scene- you will get waited on. But you have to be willing to rant and rave and scream a bit. But I'm willing!

AllyJo said...

One day, I hope to get sick and be as big a baby as my boys are. I think God made women strong for times such as this. Otherwise chaos takes over and the family juggles knives. If I was there, I would take care of you. (((hug)))

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Thanks y'all :). I was just about to delete this post because I felt guilty about complaining. My hubs is the best, but you know how it goes lol.