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Thursday, July 16, 2009

happy girl

I just finished my very first website ever. It is through Go Daddy and for now, it's a free one. If you would be so kind, check it out for me, tell me what you think (be nice, I'm fragile haha), heck, buy something or recommend it to someone else. The money from any sales right now goes towards my much deserved trip to El Paso.

Here is the address:

It is a little slow in downloading the pics because they are big files, but I will be working on that this weekend.

Thanks for your help y'all :).



Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Good work!

bingsy said...

I visited before I realized it was your first, so that says something. Good job!

I buy a lot of jewelry through etsy, and the jewelry I don't I buy from friends or at fairs.

I have a friend that doesn't use etsy - so I am sure there are good reasons not to do so, but I seriously love buying from there. It might be something to consider.