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Monday, June 15, 2009

a to z meme

Found this meme on my friends' blog. Each letter is to stand for websites, urls, etc, that you frequent. This should be interesting...

A -
B - Big Fish Games
D - Dailymail UK
E - Ebay
F - Facebook
G - Ginnovations (wonderful Texan lampworker)
H - Hotmail
I - iWin
J - Jacob's Tent (the new website for our home church)
K - Kim Miles (another talented lampworker. I go to her for the pics from around her home in Taos, NM and to drool over lampwork goodies I can't afford lol)
L - lampworking
M - Mediafire
N - NM Pinon Coffee Company
O - Oxford Library
P -
Q - Quotes
R - Recipes
S - Snopes
T - Texas anything
V - Verizon
W - Weather
X -
Y - Youtube
Z- Zombie pictures

Sorry, nothing for 'p' or 'x' lol.



Pamela said...

You read the Daily Mail, too?

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Yeah. It's fun to read their celebrity page and to know that there is a country out there that is just as messed up, if not more, then us lol.


Lisa said...

This was a different meme! I did it too on Mirkwood.