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Monday, March 23, 2009

monday monday da da dadadada

For Today... 23 March, 2009

Outside my Window... Blue sky, sunshine, birds but still cold as hell


I am thinking...the fact I need to dry my hair and get dressed, make some coffee and something else, but I forgot.

From the learning rooms... the usual...warping young minds to think outside the box
I am thankful husband and our nutball sex trophies
From the kitchen... Nuffin
I am wearing...sweatpants, black t-shirt, no socks, hair up in towel
I am reading... the last of the scrapbook mysteries I borrowed for the library, also known as the mafia book house
I am hoping...To do some more beadwork and get off my butt soon
I am creating...umm, memories?  
I am hearing... birds outside, those bluejays are *loud*
Around the house...last bit o laundry, vacuuming
One of my favorite things... time alone with Don
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... nothing special, coffeeshop theology at SB, that's bout it.
A Picture Thought I Am Sharing With You:  my big fat ugly mug next to my middle daughter, Sierra.  Stephanie took the pic and Savannah was off making friends with the entire park, cuz that is how she rolls :).

I do have to share two things...

First, got confirmation from Rachel, Marla Young's daughter, that the surgery went well, her pace maker is in and she is resting comfortably.  Her surgery was scheduled for 7 a.m., and the info came in I want to say, err, around 9:45-10ish a.m.  Amazing, isn't it?!?  Keep those prayers coming!

Second, I am one unhappy reunion goer.  Last year, over 60 couples agreed to the date for our 20th high school reunion: 2 October.  It was *perfect*.  Don got the time off, we got his sister set up to come and watch the girls, and we were going to go back to my home for a week.  Don hasn't been back to El Paso in around 13 years.  Well, just got the word the other day that our co-ordinator decided to change LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!!!  WTF over??  No warning, no "hey, what do y'all think?", just blam, done and over with.  Damn it!  We had a camping trip set for that weekend, but Don is going to send me to EP without him.  This sucks royal, but what can you do?  Momma Wiley had graciously, as always, offered up her home for us to stay at while we were there, but with the date change, well, I just hope I can still stay and not mess up plans for her and poppy.  Now it is a wait and see thing.  

The good part of this is maybe I will get to browbeat Naomi into going to EP for that weekend so we can hang a bit.  Maybe get Ronnie involved with this whole deal.  Maybe maybe get to take a nice long drive to Bernalillo...road trip anyone lol?

Okay, I am going to go and dry my hair now, which is slowly conforming to the shape of the towel.



Lisa said...

Bummer about the reunion being rescheduled!

Not sure I'm going to ask about the trophies! lol

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Sorry to hear about your Texas trip.

Glad to hear about the successful surgery of your friend!

I'm with Lisa...I think I'll leave that statement about the trophy alone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

~Byn There said...

There is a reason for everything, even though it seems to suck right now I hope the new date will work out wonderfully for the reunion. Have a fabulous week!

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Don't panic y'all lol. "Sex trophies" was a term used by Gwen Stefani when she was talking about her kids. I was feeling cheeky and thought it was funny.

Stacey said...

Geezaloo. Well, thank the Good Lord for when modern medicine goes well, first of all...

As for your reunion being rescheduled, well, yep, that would be a big disappointment. But lots can happen between now and then, right? So you just never know what great thing is right around the corner!

Your birthday sounded great, too. What neat stuff.

Just FYI... I sort of kind of have not gotten to the post office yet (which can be a pain in the neck here), but I will definitely get things mailed off by Friday. I'll let you know when it's winging it's way to you!