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Sunday, March 22, 2009

birthday surprises

I was surprised this past week with a few more birthday gifts from friends at church and co-op.

First one is from my friend Michele Peasley.  She is a crafty little woman, and made this cell phone/Zune holder from, of all things, a wool sweater she found at the Goodwill.  She put little yellow roses of Texas and blue bonnets on it for me :). 

Next one is from Robin, aka Huggy Bear.  She enjoys makings soaps and made me one that smells like rose and has a celtic design on it.  I am afraid to use it because I think it is too pretty!

Now for Janet.  Everyone who is any one who has the privilege of knowing me (heehee), knows I am from Texas, love Texas, breath Texas, live Texas, am Texas.  She kind of understands that, hence this little giftie...

I have a blank spot on my bead cubby wall where this will soon reside :).

Last, but by no means least, this little ditty from my co-op buddy, pal, fellow lover of all things zombie and vampy and crazy sweetie, Marla Young.  On top of people knowing about my Texas obsession, they should also know of my Corona obsession.  Mmmm, Corona.  She handed me a big gift bag, told me to hold it from the bottom and check out what was inside, and I found a six-pack of this.....

The doll even included the limes.  *Sigh*.

All in all, a darn good birthday if you ask me :).  Yes, I am a year older, but I will be 26 forever if I have any say in it.

The last pic is going to be talked about more on my other blog, Desert Heart Beads and Blather.  I am, well, proud of this piece of bling.  It almost kinda sorta look like I know what I am doing teehee.

That be that for now.  On a side note, I am soliciting prays and well wishes to the friend I mentioned earlier, Marla Young.  Tomorrow, Monday the 23rd, she goes in for surgery to have a pace maker put in.  After an EKG, the doctors discovered she had a sitting heart rate of, get ready for this, 32 bpm, dropping to 29.  This, my gentle readers, is NOT normal for a 38 year old woman, so off to the ole slice n' dice she goes.  She is a strong, vibrant, crazy, ranting, raving, God loving, friend supporting, homeschooling freak, and she needs us now.  I ask, if you are a praying person, even if you are not, whisper a few to the Man upstairs that God will guide the doctor's hands and heal my friends' heart.

Hope you pop over to the other blog so I can get opinions on my latest freakenstein creation.

::besos y abrazos::



MICHELE said...

I'm glad you had a nice birthday...and are enjoying the cheesy little cheap gift, that I crafted and labored long and hard on, for hours and hours, poking my finger and swearing in my best michelle dugger voice.

Seriously, thanks for sharing about Marla...I was wondering when she was going in. I will definatley pray for her.

Any chance you could keep us updated on her recovery?

Your Pal, Mich.

Jeanne said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog and I was going to check out the other one but couldn't find a link to it. :) Love your desert pictures, I am in Wisconsin and we still have SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!!!