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Friday, January 30, 2009

show and tell--a few of my favorite things

Just felt like sharing a few things that make me smile...

First, what makes me smile are those who are insane and I get to profit from it. This bag is a case-in-point.

A friend of mine, Theresa, went shopping with her mother at a place called Birch Run. There, they have a Coach store. The mother saw this bag and said, "You should get this for me for Christmas." That, my friends, is what we call a "subtle hint". Anyway, they bought her the bag, and then, when she opened it at Christmas said, "This is too big. I don't like it. Take it back." WTF, over?? When I heard of this, I said I would take it, if I could be put on a nice little payment plan say, oh, $10-20 a month until the year 2011 lol. Theresa said what the heck, and so now the purse is mine. Mind you, I could never afford it outright, or even at the sale price that they purchased it, but on a payment plan, you can do anything :). There is nothing like the smell of Coach leather in the morning...

Next would be my lovely personal radiator, seen here...

This beauty is by my side from December until at least the end of March. The temp is set at 82 lusciously warm degrees at all times...

Even my cat, Mickey "the short bus" White knows whats what. Here you see him next to my leg on the couch. Even now, I can look down and see his yellow eyes staring back at me as he stays warm.

Last, but not least, is something that will be with me forever. It is the Rumtopf that I helped my mother pick out when we were living in Germany when I was a child.

I still remember walking down the cobblestone street that our apartment was on in Frankfurt, going from shop to shop, and finding this little treasure. It has held cookies and Halloween candy, even odds and ends. This, my gentle readers, is the only tangible piece I have from my parents. This, and a few pictures I managed to pilfer from my father's other family before he died. No keepsake jewelry, no books, no furniture, just this cookie jar. If it could talk, the stories it could tell. There are days I just stare at it, run my hand over the designs and remove the lid, whispering a secret I want it to hold for me for my children one day.
So, there you go. A thing that holds things, but in style, a thing that keeps me from freezing to death, and a thing that holds the very soul of my parents and a life that others have tried hard to erase.
What are some of your favorite things?


MICHELE said...

I love the story of the cookie jar!How bittersweet!

I am truly sorry for the loss of your parents. I sincerely feel your pain and even to this day I mourn my dad.

I know you'd love to get back to Texas...someday you will. But, if you weren't Michigan, I would of never known you and had you in my life to make me smile!

Happy weekend,

Lisa said...

The bag is very very attractive! I never truly got the point of designer bags though. You'll have to 'splain it to me. I've been thinking I need a little heater under my desk. Whyever did it take me THIS LONG to figure that out? I'm a dork.

Is Rumtopf cookies? And I'm so glad you have that. It's very very special.

Stacey said...

OH, tell me about heaters! I have space heaters all over our cold, COLD stone house! Yours looks way more technical than what you can buy here, which is one step away from a tiny peat-burning fireplace. And hey, if you can get a deal, go for it! But the cookie jar, now that's TRULY special! I will have to do a "favourite things" post. Yours was great!

Cheers for now... Stacey :-)

AllyJo said...

Your post almost made me cry. I empathize with your heartache. I didn't get anything of my dads either. When he died, I went into his closet and stole a tie. That's all I got.

You're a beautiful writer. That cookie jar story is precious. You should write that in a scrapbook with the story you just shared.

My mom won't give me any pictures.

I love those space heaters. They are life savers.

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

I think you got the better deal...a cookie jar with lots of great memories! :)

Max and Leo fight over the heater at night...finally they end up butt to butt in front of it.