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Thursday, February 5, 2009

still here

I'm still here, but barely. Saving you from details that you really won't care about, I have not felt well for a while. I have been staying under the radar, doing what I can around the house, keeping up with Facebook, teaching the kids. Still wishing against wish that it would get worse or go away. Working my way towards a liquid diet so I don't have to deal with it as much. C'est la vie... The doctor in October told me that unless I have pain to the point that I cannot function, there isn't a lot they can do since all tests came back negative, and I should just go to ER instead. Stupid ass. I am a woman, a wife and a mother. I could still function without my head...
The temps are supposed to go up this week, meaning that instead of -5 it will be 15. Heat wave... Actually, I think this weekend we are supposed to go up some place around the 30-40 mark. We will see. Michigan weather has a tendency to say "Hey, warmth time...oh, no, sorry, change of heart..." Have co-op tomorrow, and don't know if I have it in me to survive the chaos, crowds, loud mouths and rushing about. Sent the last of the fish to a watery grave, and will probably turn the fishtank into the desert terrerium that the girls have been asking about. Don't care if I spelled it wrong, so there...
Time to start thinking about Sierra's 9th birthday in March. We are talking about getting her her own DS since she is always using her sisters'. I am hoping that we can just skip over St. Patrick's Day so I don't have to get older. Almost 38 years and have still not had a green beer. No biggie to you, but when you are born on the 17th of March, it is just something you want to do.
For now, I will sit here and look outside at the lying sunshine. What do I mean by lying? Well, the sun, in other parts of the world, ie Texas, the sun shines warm on the land, bright and pretty. Here, it shines, but it is a cold, nasty sunshine. No warmth. Just bright light. So, I will curl up around my heater and stare out the window and pretend that the two go together lol.
Back to the grave....


~Byn There said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad pooky bear. This too shall pass, focus on the positive as much as you can. Take as much off your plate as you can. Praise and Worship all you are able and let the prayers of good friends carry you.

Healed in the name of Jesus you are.

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

If it makes you feel any better...there is no sunshine here today in Reno/Sparks. Just drizzly grey skies.

Am hoping you feel all ways.