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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

three cheers for!

This is a picture of the front of Andress High School, my stomping ground from 1986-1989. I loved my school, and had some of my greatest, and worst, times here.
A few years ago I joined just for the heck of it, hoping to maybe contact one or two people I may have graduated with. I have ended up finding old friends I never thought I would, both in my high school and in my life in El Paso. Old boyfriends, hangout buddies, confidants, partners in just makes my heart sing :). I am even a part of the Reunion committee for our 20 Year Bash in October of 2009. I'm in charge of putting together the pictures from high school and such for a CD that will be given to all the attendees. It is so cool seeing how everyone has changed and grown in their lives. People that you thought would never have kids have three (like me lol), others have become globetrotters (like my friend, and reunion starter-upper from all the way back in elementary, Kendall), and still others have gone on to defend our country (like one of those aforementioned old boyfriends, Jack). I've had conversations with people that I have literally not spoken to in almost 20 years! I cannot wait to take Don to my Reunion and show him the greatest high school in the world!

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