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Monday, July 7, 2008

home again

We are back. After 9 days of camping, we are back to civilization. It was a wonderful time for all, full of sunshine, some rain, a lot of water, bbq, shopping, laughter...the list goes on.

South Haven, Michigan really is a nice place to hang out at. Cute shops, the water, boats as far as the eye can see, pleasant weather. I replenished my vitamin K in a major way! Sitting out by the campfire drinking coffee, chilling out, going down to the little lake at the campsite, I haven't just sat around like that in years. We liked the area so much that we opted to stay there instead of galavanting all over the place. My baby girl, Savannah, even learned to ride a bike without training wheels! It only took her *15 minutes* to get it figured out and away she went. Here is photographic proof lol:

We do plan on making Mackinac Island an overnighter on Wednesday because we are all looking forward to taking in the sights.

Here are a couple of pics from our excursions:

Cannon at Saint Josephs, Michigan

Sherman's Ice Cream

Savannah on the North Shore Lighthouse Pier

Nana, Stephanie and friends in Lake Michigan

I have almost 300 pictures from our vacation, so I will put up some more later. Maybe I will try my hand at creating a slideshow to make this a bit easier lol.
Time now to go do laundry, clean out the camper, and get life back into motion. It's nice to be clean and not smell like the great outdoors, but I already miss it.

Until then,


Lisa Quing said...

I was born in South Haven! Love the area! My grandparents lived there for years.

Are you coming to homeschool camping? Come on, Penny! You KNOW you want to! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun! I'm glad your home-so I can catch up with on your blog!

So are ;you going to the homeschool camping? Enquiring minds want to know!