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Monday, June 2, 2008

killer sheep....aaahhhh!!!

I know I already did this, but I have got to share lol!

My daughter called me in to the back room to show me a movie clip from a UK film called "Black Sheep". Giddily, I went in search of where I could find this little nugget of movie magic. I found it on Netflix, and have moved it to the top of my queue. I cannot wait for it to come in!

Go to this site and check out the trailer. Tell me this isn't the most unique, albeit stupid, idea for a movie in years!

Oooohhhh, my love for bad B horror films is making me goosebumpy all over!
Okay, carry on....


Anonymous said...

I've seen the trailer before- I think I might like it! Dh is the biggest watcher of B movies-he still loves Beast Master


boo said...

Wish you were here so we could sit on the couch with delimex and m & m's and watch this travesty together.