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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hi-tech toys for growing girls

My daughter got a new toy today. Okay, it isn't really a toy per se, but something necessary for a young lady on the go in this crazy world. My 12 year old, little tiny baby girl, is now the proud owner of one of these:

A teal Juke phone from Verizon. It is safe to say that I am jealous, because at one time I wanted one of these too. Geesh. No, she doesn't get everything she wants, but she is a bit spoiled, although not in one of those "that kid is a dang brat" kinds of ways. I don't think, that is....

I think I will pop in my favorite fallback movie "Dawn Of The Dead", pop a couple Advil PM's, pop a tea bag in the cup and hope for sleep to come before 2 a.m. lol. I'm hoping that our nice long camping trip will put my internal clock into sync again. Oh my, for a minute I think I channeled my father...creepy heehee.



Wow. Here I am, afraid that people will think that Stephanie is a spoiled brat, just because we got her a cool cell phone. Not so much anymore. I'm flipping around the channels and came across a program called "My Super Sweet 16". The child on this program is shown spending $3000 on two dresses, being flow to Italy to have a shoe designer design nine different pairs of "birthday shoes" for her, hiring a birthday coordinator, having her birthday on a giant ship with a few hundred guests, hiring some famous kid to sing at her party, and getting, what else, but a brand new Mercedes Benz convertible as a gift from her parents. Holy crap.


My daughter rocks.

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