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Friday, June 13, 2008

gifts of odd and child

Momma Wiley hooked me up once again!

A few years ago, I found the book "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz sitting on a table at momma's house and started reading it. A couple of pages in, and I was hooked. I read "Odd Thomas", "Forever Odd" and "Brother Odd", then sat back and figured it was all over. How wrong I was! While taking Stephanie to Borders to pick out her birthday books last month, I walked through those automatic doors, and right in front of me, on a huge display table was this:
With a lost, longing look over my right shoulder, I waved good-bye to the book of my reading desires. But, life was to take a turn for the best. During a conversation with Naomi (well, it was more of a brag session from her, rubbing my nose in her trip to EP...stinker lol), I learned that her and her mom were reading, what else, but the new OT book. I figured I'd try to pull the bestest best friend/long lost daughter card and ask if they would send it when they were done. I didn't actually think they would do it, but hey hey hey!!! My cute UPS dude dropped it off this morning. Yeah me!!!!

Not only that, but there was an envelope in the box too. It was this totally beautiful DOTD drawing of Madonna and Child. Feast your eyes on this:

It is sooooooooooo cool, I love it!!! So, from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you Momma Wiley! I love you!!!!

I am truly blessed beyond measure and don't think I will live long enough to show y'all how much everything you do means to me. You too, Naomi, braggy butt and all lol.

So now, it is off to do...something. Showers, laundry, bit o' shopping for our all day trip to Byron tomorrow. Do some yoga, which, by the way, freaking *hurts*, but in a good way.

Much love y'all!

'til next time,


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Lisa Quing said...

I used to read Koontz, a long time ago. Maybe I should read him again. I like him better than Stephen King. A lot better.