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Monday, May 5, 2008

Yea! One of my favorite times of year: CINCO DE MAYO! A fun time for music, food, celebration and friendship...hey, any excuse for a party is a good excuse lol! I remember, in my school days back in El Paso, the parties we would have and how cool it was to just seep yourself in such a colorful and amazing culture. Now here I am, in Michigan...sigh...the odd woman on the street who every 5th of May has cumbias, salsa and some Selena playing while making the entire neighborhood smell like tamales and fajitas lol.

If you don't know the real meaning and history of Cinco De Mayo, take a look here and get it in a nutshell:

So, now you see, it is *not* Mexican Independence Day, but a celebration of the day the little guy beat the big guy down. Works for me!

Bead cubby update: It's getting there, slowly but surely! I discovered the joy of "Liquid Nails" on Saturday, and I am so happy. I have had some handpainted tiles that I wanted to put up some place, but at first didn't have the place, and after I had the place, didn't have the means to put them up. Liquid Nails to the rescue! I have up maybe 12 tiles in various areas in the cubby, and now I am putting up tiny little colorful mosaic tiles on the long metal pieces the run down two of the wooden brackets. Not a fast project, but a cool one nonetheless. Now, if I could only get ahold of some Dia De Los Muertos tiles or pictures... I am going to frame and put up some of the pictures I took at my Tex mommas' house too for that homey touch :). Look for some pics tomorrow of my cubby!

Face vs. soccer ball update... score: face 0 ball 2. At the first soccer game, Sierra took a ball to the face and had her lip cut open. This past Saturday, Savannah took a ball to the nose and the blood went flying. Literally. It was ugly. She has little black and blue marks under her eyes and the bridge of her nose is a bit discolored, but nothing broken, thank the Lord. Now its Stephanie's turn...

BTW, I have a certain belated announcement that deserves recognition:

*~*Happy Birthday*~*
*~*Naomi Elisabeth Gevertz!!!!*~*
You will always be taller than me and younger than me, and you will always be stuck with me, so there! I love you sweetie!!!!!
Okay, I'll go now. Have to do some grocery shopping (grrrrrr), school work, so on and so forth. Have a goodin' y'all!


boo said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo — Fidel and Maria, across the street, are having a salsa party... I'm drinking a margarita... All is well in my world! Wish you were here.



Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Well you're just the best. I checked my nuts. They're fine thanks.

Love you!!!