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Friday, May 2, 2008

still surprising me

Yesterday, I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I went to the store, picked up a small cake, some Chicken Cordon Bleu to make for Don, other bits and bobs, and came on home. As I was walking into the house, I saw the FedEx van coming down the street...then stop...and pull in to my driveway. A nice young man said, "Are you Mrs. White?", to which I naturally replied, "Why, yes, nice young man, I am!" Well, maybe not *exactly* that way, but I digress... He handed me a box that said "Vera Wang" on the side. Ohhh, I *love* Vera Wang (blame that on my Texas Momma who bought me my first bottle of Vera Wang's perfume "Vera"'s all her fault lol), so I was all a-flutter wanting to open that box! I opened her up, and after releasing the well-wrapped contents from the bands of steel that they lock them into the box with, I discovered.....

2 dozen Pink roses! Beautiful baby pink roses! Not 1...not 6...not 12...but *24*! On top of that, I found...

A little bottle of my newest Wang obsession, a perfume called "Truly Pink", and a card that read, "16 years, only 4 more, and you are eligible for parole. Love, ME". (For those who don't know, a life sentence is usually 20 years, hence the joke...get it lol??)

I really didn't think that Don had paid attention to the fact that I love Vera Wang. He just has this way of surprising me, keeping me on my toes, and I love him so much for it.

My Texas momma and poppy even sent Don and I a super cute anniversary e-card. I wish y'all could see it!

So, there you go. 16 years, still surprising and still being sweet. I don't want parole, baby. I'm in this love...for life :).



Anonymous said...

Makes me just well up and want to puke. Congrats. I adore both of you!!!

Lisa Quing said...

Ooooh! That's awfully romantic! WTG, Don!