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Thursday, May 1, 2008

happy 16th anniversary to us!

Here we are...officially 16 years. Now what lol?

Traditional 16th anniversary gifts are crystal or stemware...ohh ahhh. One website said that the vacation to take on your 16th is either to Santa Fe or Mexico. I like that site.
What are we doing today, you may ask? Well, gosh, hold on to your socks, its *exciting*!


Really Ready???

I will be taking Sierra and Stephanie to soccer.

Whoo...can you handle it lol?

Maybe when I go to the store today for cereal and laundry soap, I will pick up a small cake or something. What else you gonna do on an overcast middle-of-the-week-day when you have three kids and colds? Perhaps we will fire up the Wii tonight, and I will kick Don's booty boxing...that sounds nice lol.
My BFF brought this site to my attention:
You adopt a soldier overseas and show them that they are loved and appreciated for the sacrifices they are making. Cards, letters, small gifts can make all the difference for some one so far from home. My husband still has all the letters and cards that were sent to him when he was in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. My family plans on adopting someone, and I hope you will too.
Have a great day y'all.

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Lisa Quing said...

Happy Anniversary! Your celebration sounds like most of ours. This is our 20th anniversary - coming up in June. Bob and I will be going away for Memorial Day weekend without kids. First time since we HAD kids that I can think of!