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Thursday, April 17, 2008

houston, we have spring

Finally! Pictures of pretty flowers *not* taken from the internet or anything. These are from my own front yard. We, in Michigan, are slowly realizing the a second Ice Age did not actually occur like we were starting to believe. Does this me suddenly like living here? Bwahahahaha...uh, no, but it makes it a bit more tolerable.

It is nice to see my yard again (which never really is any color but green because it just freezes and defrosts that way lol), but with seeing the yard without 80 inches of snow means seeing all the yuck that has collected there over the past 6 months. Leaves, lots and lots and lots of leaves, trash that has fallen out of trash cans, dead creatures, pens and pencils, and at one time, I swear to heaven, a pair of my youngest daughters' underwear...I don't want to know...

We have so many plans for the house this summer. We already have the gardening underway, but the big one, as you prolly can see, is getting rid of the Terra-Cotta-turned-Pink trim paint. We aren't sure how it happened, but it did.'s flippin' pink. You know its bad when you drive 40 miles away for you daughters' orthodontist appointment, the receptionist looks at your address and says, "Isn't that the pink house?" I swear, that is what happened. We are known far and wide lol. When we first moved here it was, "Oh, you bought *that* house". The woman who owned it before was OCD, bought everything she could from garage sales (including a bright yellow blow-up kayak the day I met her), *never* closed the front or back doors, and hadn't done yard work in over 10 years! I'll put up a pic or two about that another time lol. It's seriously hard to go unnoticed when you live in a town of only 3600 people!

All that being said, I will go now. Have to do some serious grocery shopping, soccer photos, and co-op prep. At least is ain't snowing!!! Silent prayer: please let karma be asleep, or deaf...



boo said...

I miss you, baby girl.


Mom in TX

ps. I love the blue! I'll send you a little something from here in the desert for your bead corner.

Lisa Quing said...