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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

blue stage: complete

Here we explore my blue period. You may be thinking "Ooohhh", but you have to admit it is an improvement! Open your mind to see the big picture. It is a work or art in progress, an adventure into paintdom, a journey into my souls' desire. I will wait and let it get all nice and dry and decide if it will need a third coat, or if leaving it a bit rough around the edges gives me the desired effect. Mayhaps I'll spend some time pouring over my Su Casa mags to see what others out there have done. It'll get better, just wait! :).

Did you know that cinder block is actually made of sponge? It has to be, because the stuff sucks up paint like nobody's business!

Painting in a room that has no windows or air flow will make you a little loopy. Okay, a lot loopy. Loopy loopy loopy loop...I need an aspirin doopy doop...another rhyming word is "poop"...why do boobies have to droop?

Yes, I used the words "poop" and "boobies". I've said worse at more inappropriate times, believe me, but I was waxing poetic and suffering from paint intoxication. Yeah, that sounds like a good reason as any lol.

Until next time,

1 comment:

Lisa Quing said...

It's pretty, Penny! I love blue.

We painted at work around Christmas time and the fumes were quite intoxicating! lol We were silly.