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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

blast from the past part two

Let's continue our tour, shall we?

This first picture is of the living room. She was unable to actually use it because of all the stuff, so the Christmas decorations had been up for around 5 years. The boxes that you see on the right side contained the wood flooring that we presently have in our house. The entire house was nothing but subfloor, and she continually purchased the hardwood when she could with the intent of one day installing it. She gave it to us for purchasing the house.

Our dining room and part of the backroom. Note, once again, the back door is open, and always was.

They say the kitchen sells the home. So...interested lol?

The backroom, where the girls now have they homeschool classes and computer stuff.

The view from the backroom to the front of the house.

The only way through the house were "deer trails", which I am pretty sure actually deer may have used lol. Yes, someone, alive and kicking, actually *lived* here!

We have put our heart and soul into refurbushing the house and are still working on it. Next time you think you have a lot to do to make your house look good, take a gander...I know I do lol!!!


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Girl! You must have been busy!