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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

blast from the past part one

Remember I said that I would share what our home looked like before we swooped in and cleaned it up? Well, here they are...part one of a two part series :).

The first two are the before pics of the front yard. If you look close enough, you will see that the front door is open. It was, quite literally, *always* open. We chased out more then one raccoon and squirrel from the living and dining room!

You couldn't see the house from the road. When my husband first brought me by to see it, I asked him which one it would be, all he said was, "Oh, you'll know..." Oh my, did I! The yard has been mowed back to make way for parking during the estate sale.

Scenes from the lovely backyard via the back door...

There we at least 6 or 7 bicycles, most of which had flat or no tires. Then there was the tent, the rusted out chiminea, the recliner, 50 flower pots, an old apothecary cabinet (which I do wish I had saved), metal shelving, and hey...doesn't everyone need a fishing boat in their backyard??? Believe it or not, there is actually *more* garbage than what I have pictured, but there is just too much to show!

In part two of our series, I'll take you indoors. Has anyone ever watched those British house cleaning programs, or the TLC Obsessive-Compulsive programs where they take you inside one of these houses that just makes you cringe and think, "Oh my gosh, how do they live that way???" This was one of those houses, and the lady we purchased it from was one of those people. She was a sweetheart and just loved my husband (thank gosh...I saw how she treated people she didn't like lol!), but she definitely needed help.

See you in a minute...


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